Best BBQ in the US

It’s a conflict as old as time. Which is better: the tangy tartness of vinegar-based BBQ or the slightly sweet, robust tomato-dominant BBQ? We’ve rounded up four barbecue styles across the US that are the epitome of pit perfection.

No matter which you like best, we hope we can all agree that BBQ is one of America’s greatest foods, so get ready to test your taste buds.

Kansas City

Kansas City BBQ

Kicking off our list is the quintessentially American Kansas City-style sauce. This thick, sweet, tangy sauce is a staple at family get-togethers and BBQ restaurants alike. Made with ketchup and molasses, Worcestershire, vinegar, soy sauce and spices, this sauce will thrill your taste buds.

South Carolina

South Carolina BBQ

Another contender in the Battle of the Barbecue is South Carolina’s mustard sauce. It’s an excellent addition to ribs, tenderloins and chicken. This mustard and vinegar-based condiment add a special, southern zing to any barbecue.

North Carolina

North Carolina BBQ

Barbecue connoisseurs know there are two big ways to go with sauce, vinegar-based and everything else. Another hit on the list, North Carolina’s vinegar sauce is spicy and acidic. It’s the perfect complement to the rich, savory barbecue the region produces. With five traditional spices and a flavor as unique as the area, it’s easy to see how barbecue isn’t just a hobby, it’s more a way of life.

Lexington, NC

Lexington, NC BBQ

What can we say, North Carolina knows their barbecue. This Lexington-centric barbecue sauce is said to be one of the original tomato-based barbecue sauces. Thanks to the introduction of Heinz ketchup in 1876, the sweetness of the tomato perfectly balances the tanginess of the vinegar in most sauces. This sauce is an absolute must on slow-cooked pork shoulder.

We know we’ve barely scratched the surface on all the amazing summer foods the US has to offer. This is your chance to taste the ‘cue for yourself. Wherever your hunt for the best BBQ takes you, Must Do Travels has somewhere for you to play and stay.

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