15 signs you are ADDICTED to Travel? (Like us)

Many people nowadays are hooked on a world-wide high to feed their wanderlust – they are Travel Addicts. Maybe it’s the allure of the stunningly blue Mediterranean Sea, lulling you into visiting all those lovely jewel-like Greek Isles. Or it could be the call of iconic cities like London, Rome, Sydney, New York, Paris – the list is almost endless. Or maybe it’s the call of the wild that has you hooked on the unique and interesting wildlife adventures to everywhere. No matter the reason, or wherever you go, when you’re hooked, YOU’RE HOOKED!

To be honest, travelling is something in our nature, it’s built in to our system right from pre-historic times. Our ancestors were nomads, wanderers, explorers. We’re meant to roam this vast, blue ball of beauty that we call Earth. In light of this, here are 15 sure-fire signs that you are a travel addict… a Wanderer… an Explorer!

1. Do you daydream via travel websites?

A tell-tale sign of any person’s travel addiction is their internet history. If you spend hour upon hours reading about new destinations, poring over hotel sites, looking longingly at travel photos on Instagram and pinterest, or continually checking out the awesome deals on our website, then you’re definitely a travel addict! Welcome to the Club!

2. All you think about is “Where To Next!” 

Hey, if you’re not already on the road to somewhere, you are constantly thinking about being on the road (or sea, or air) then that’s kind of an addiction, isn’t it? If you’re still sitting at home, you are more likely to be planning “Where to Next” or already packing for the next beautiful and idyllic South Pacific cruise, the iconic landmarks of Greece, joining the party in Rio or New Orleans – that’s a 100% indication that you are addicted to travelling, my friend.

3. You Own a Jar Full of Different Currencies

If your purse or wallet is as colorful as a Mardi Gras festival during summer you’re a well-travelled individual! Unless you got them as souvenirs from different people, that is!

Australia’s lobster red 20’s and green and gold 100 dollar bills, the flash of yellow or orange on an Indian Rupee, the staid greenback of the US, Africa’s vibrant Rand’s, Shillings, Pounds and Franc’s are a veritable zoological experience, and we haven’t even mentioned the weird and wonderful shapes of coinage throughout the world.

Not only are they a great souvenir of any given country, and enough to make any friend green with envy, they add up and can fund you in the travel you want to be accustomed to… or at the very least pay for an uber from the airport on your return to said destination! Happy travels peeps.

4. You have a Souvenir from Everywhere you’ve Been

Your fridge door may be filled with magnets of country’s flags, a line or two of Matryoshka dolls and Christmas market figurines along the bookshelf, a whole closet filled with holiday-appropriate jewellery, sarongs, silk scarves, ties, shoes and more from various world marketplaces, and your walls hung with iconic photos, paintings and postcards from places visited from all around the world. It’s like having the world all to yourself from the memories your gathered!

5. You Handle Jetlag like a Pro

If you know how to “pre-sleep” or re-arrange your body clock pre-flight, or have come up with your own concoction and remedies to combat any effects of jetlag, or discovered a sure-fire method of sleeping on a plane, then consider yourself a travel aficionado!

6. Airport Delays Don’t Faze You

Nothing is gonna distract you from your trip. An airport delay is bonus time to head outside for a quick recce (making sure before you venture, that there is time and opportunity) or to discover an airport. Who knows when you’ll be back this way again.

You source out the best places to eat, sleep, shower, find the nearest massage chair or spa, business class lounge (and access to us mere mortals if possible), is there a pool or a champagne bar or a movie theatre or awesome duty free on offer? Once you have all these covered you can settle in to wait by chatting to other travellers (after all you both have that in common), or for some “Me time”.  You have it all ready; Netflix, games or Apps on your phone, a good book or even a pack of cards. You can get a conversation flowing or a game going with absolute strangers, whether they speak your language or not, and make a few life-long friends to boot. If you are really stuck, start a game of i-spy – it’s universal!

7. Your favorite way to start a sentence is…

Is this your standard line? “This reminds me of when I was in…” or maybe “where have you travelled to?”, “Have you ever been to…”, “I’m heading off to [destination] in a few weeks…” or “We are cruising onboard [ship] to…”. It shows that travel is first and foremost on your mind, and the more you use travel as a topic of conversation, the more likely you are to be heading away shortly, or dreaming of heading away, or looking for a like-minded person to come with – pick me pick me!

Pretty sure at this point that we are both addicted to travel!

8. You Can Pack in under 10 Minutes

Packing for you is a bit of a fun, pre-travel-ritual. You could plan for weeks, getting everything just right, or you could be like me and pack in under 10 minutes – whatever you forget either you didn’t need, or we’ll pick it up wherever we’re going.

Go on, time yourself. You are leaving in half an hour on a tropical cruise holiday, and… go!

It’s a winter wonderland river cruise, and… go!

You need to be at the airport in 15 minutes, and… go!

You are taking carry-on only, and… go!

Ha Ha Ha Ha, I like this game – what about you?

9. You have a Favorite Seat 

I like to be over the wing in a left-hand aisle seat on any given plane, preferably with my back against a bulkhead, not too close to a toilet (I don’t need all those peeps hanging around my seat). On a tour or by rail, it’s aisle again – don’t really need a window right there in front of my nose, it’s about the ambience of the journey. For cruising, well it’s either relaxing or dining. Relaxing, a good deckchair facing the sea in a relatively secluded area guarantees me the peace and relaxation we crave, with enough entertainment passing me by to keep up the interest. And when dining we prefer a window seat, although not so fussy as long as there is some sort of yummy dessert on offer to be honest.

Camel or tuk-tuk may create a bit of a challenge, but hey-ho let’s give it a go!

10. You are an Explorer

Nature, early civilisations, ancient ruins and how the world was, is and will be fascinates you. You can order a coffee, say good morning/night in numerous languages and have easily adapted to multiple foreign exchange rates in a single holiday. You know you are an explorer when your curiosity is peaked by people, cultures and traditions entirely different from your own, over the bright lights and iconic sights (although they are fab too, you are likely to have already seen them!).

11. Savings = Travel

Nuf said? By gosh we need a bumper sticker – I WORK TO TRAVEL!

12. You have an International Facebook/Instagram Following

Of course, the prospect of travel allows you to meet and make friends all over the world, regardless of race, age or gender. You are a citizen of the world, and your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc are full of interesting people doing interesting things – including you!

13. Check-In Time

You’ve mastered the art of booking and checking in online, so much so that you now time your journey through the security line – how fast will it be until you are really on your way!? You navigate from the check-in desk straight to the shortest line at security, scan through, then its immigration and you’re through. What’s your record time? (Extra points awarded for not rolling your eyes when the man in front of you has not emptied his pockets and sets the buzzers off, delaying us all yet again).

14. Apps & Travel

Google Translate? Check! Apps for converting currency? Check! Geo-location, guides and maps. Check! Memory cleared and ready to take photos. Check! Overseas phone, email and WiFi access all set up and good to go. Check! Let us say in this day and age, our smartphone is our constant companion and little travel buddy – pretty much everything about it is dedicated to making every journey exciting. Got these? Going to get these? We know you’re a travel addict!

15. It’s an Endless Bucket-List

The world is your oyster, and nothing stops you from exploring. Whether it’s Australia’s awe-inspiring views, crossing the Pacific to island hop in Hawaii, flying to Europe for a luxury river cruise, or immersing yourself in a destination’s traditions and diverse cultures – after all, there’s a whole world out there – a veritable list of destinations to discover.


Do these 15 signs sound like you? Are you a true Nomad… a Wanderer… an Explorer? Then you are a CERTIFIED TRAVEL ADDICT… Welcome to the club

Inspired to travel?

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