The Most Underrated Family Travel Destinations

Some amazing and safe places don’t usually get many tourists to visit them, unlike some of the well-known tourist destinations. Think about it, Disneyworld, Legoland, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, etc. People love those places and the cities they’re located in. But, these locations we listed are beautiful and fun for your family travel.

St. Petersburg, Florida
There’s family fun out there.

 St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg is one of the most overlooked family travel destinations. This place is blessed with 35 miles of sandy beaches with fresh breezes. The beaches are sunny most times of the year, but there are more things to get done apart from working on your tan. Visit some of the many craft breweries in the city, attractive restaurants and art museums. Another alternative is participating in fascinating activities such as nighttime paddling on dark boards and swimming.

Savanah, Georgia
God forbid the kids experience some nature.

Savannah, Georgia

This lovely destination is often underrated unlike other southern cities like Nashville, but Savannah has a charming atmosphere that will make you wonder why you haven’t visited the place before. The city is known for its marvelous architecture, fascinating history and many sphagnum-draped trees.

Toronto, Canada
Oh, Canada!

Toronto, Canada

Recent reports have shown that the population of tourists visiting Toronto keep increasing without any sign of dropping anytime soon. So, mind as well hop to it! Toronto is blessed with white-hot food centers, attractive film cinemas with a flourishing film industry and fascinating shopping plazas. The city has a relaxing urban atmosphere you have always wished for.

Adelaide, Australia
The land down under.

Adelaide, Australia

Although Sydney and Melbourne attract more tourists and visitors than Adelaide, this city is a Must Do for your family vacay. Besides being the fifth most populated city in Australia, it’s also where most of the continents’ exported wines are produced. You can visit the amazing wine producing regions in the city including Clare Valley, Barossa, Coonawarra and McLaren Vale. Adelaide has some of the most beautiful buildings and various attractive bars, art museums and restaurants.

El Mirador Ruins, Guatemala
Ready for this crazy family getaway?!

El Mirador Ruins, Guatemala

This great tourist site is located in the Guatemalan rainforest. This historic ruin was kept from the limelight for more than two thousand years. It was discovered in 1926 and developed afterward. It’s more challenging to reach than the ruins in Tikal, which is more often visited by tourists. Going to this far destination is a tad bit more fascinating than settling for the forty miles ruins in Tikal. If you’re interested in visiting El Mirador ruins, you’ll need to travel by donkey or even fly in by helicopter. There are helicopters provided by agencies for easier traveling to El Mirador ruins. Crazy, huh? But, it’s something much more different than you’re typical Disneyland trip.