10 Best Places to Getaway this Father’s Day

It only happens once a year, so might as well make it special! This Father’s Day, show them why you’re the fun parent while relaxing and enjoying yourself on your day. You know that you deserve a break, so why not lounge around on the beach? Trust me, your kids won’t be able to contain themselves once they find out where you’re taking them, and you can bask in being the cool dad that you are.

Note: We can promise that you’ll definitely one-up Mother’s Day, but we can’t promise that mom won’t be angry about it!

  1. Chicago – Skydiving

    chicago skydiving
    Don’t be deceived; those are not fluffy landing pads!

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to chill out on the beach. Perhaps you’re sick of sitting on the couch and you’re in need of a thrill. Well, we’ve got you covered. Head over to Chicago,, and then to the Chicago Skydiving Center. You’re gonna appreciate the wind of the Windy City when you’re 14,000ft. in the air! After your thrilling fall, head to a nearby resort for a relaxing massage and romantic dinner. Your kids are gonna remember this for a lifetime.

  1. Portland – Beer Tour

    Portland Oregon Beer Tap
    This version of self-serve is way better than Fro-Yo.

Maybe leave the kiddos at home for this one. Portland Oregon is one of the nation’s most popular craft beer contesters, with more than 200 breweries to test out. Want to take a bus or walk the bars? Good news, BeerQuest PDX will tour you on foot, and Brewvana offers a bus for convenience. Do not attempt this activity on an empty stomach, because Sober Dad may never forgive you in the morning.

  1. Daytona – Nascar

    Daytona Race Track Florida
    How many left turns does it take to get to the center of a race track?

You’re unquestionably gonna want to bring the kids with you for this. Check out Daytona Beach in Florida for a chance to actually drive the Nascar race cars. That’s right, go top speeds in some of the fastest cars around! You’ll wow the kids and give them a great story to brag about to their friends. You might feel like your dreaming as you fly through the track, but trust me: this will be the ride of your life.

  1. Kohler – Golfing

    What dad doesn’t love golf? It’s a right of passage.

There’s a reason that this is number four on our list; this golf resort is a hole in one! The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin is one of the best golf courses in the country. The “Whistling Straits” and “Blackwolf Run” are both award-winning straits that will challenge even the most experienced golfer. There’s even a Golf Academy which offers year-round instruction, so it’s perfect for the first-timers!

  1. Sea Island – Fishing

    father and son fishing lake
    This was taken right before the son received an abrupt swimming lesson.

If you love fishing and think it’s about time your kids learned, then Sea Island in Georgia may be for you! Renowned for its diverse fish species and breathtaking landscapes, you can partake in a variety of fishy fun during your time in Georgia. Take a boat to travel 80 miles offshore, or stay closer to land with some of the inshore fishing trips. There’s even fly fishing and kayak fishing for those looking for a unique experience!

  1. Morrow Bay – Water Play

    California Morrow Bay
    Race to the top!

If you’re looking for child-friendly, water-oriented fun, then Morrow Bay in California is the place for you. There are many boat tours that can take you as far as the breakers or close to the shore. While you’re there, check out the elephant seals which are often lounging across the rocks, right off the side of highway one. Make sure you plan for this trip to take the whole day because your schedule is gonna will be fun-filled – literally.

  1. Las Vegas – High Rolling

    Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall Nevada Shopping
    Sin City ain’t all that bad.

Feeling lucky? Head on over to Las Vegas for a one of a kind experience that may leave your pockets feeling a bit empty. The obvious choice may be to hang out in the casinos, but that’s not kid friendly! So, what else is there? Well, the Fashion Show Mall is one of the most extravagant retail places to access some of the most high-end shopping in all of Nevada. You can also check out Cirque du Soleil, magic shows, concerts or any number of amusement parks located in Las Vegas.

  1. Houston – Astronaut Experience

    Houston Texas Space Center Astronaut
    Houston, we have a problem. I think these men are fake!

We know that your dream is to one day explore the depths of space and discover the unknowns of the universe. Maybe that’s not realistic right now, so instead head on down to Houston, Texas for the experience of a lifetime. Take part in a simulation where you are the captain and control your mission. Meet a real spaceman, view the Saturn V rocket, and tour the facility. Whatever you do, do it in anti-gravity.

  1. Moab – Hiking

    Moab Utah Hiking Arch
    New phone wallpaper?! We think so.

Take some time this Father’s Day to bring your kiddos closer to nature in this gorgeous, ethereal experience. Hike through the breathtaking arches in Moab, Utah and see the majestic landscape spread infinitely before you. Rent an ATV for an exhilarating, off-road experience. This unique, national park is sure to stun your children with its astounding beauty, and you will create a memory that will last them a lifetime.

  1. Lansing – Paint Ball

    Paint Ball
    Don’t go easy on them ‘cause they’re kids. No mercy!

Time to take out that frustration on your kid for never doing the dishes when you ask! At Adventures of the Gorge in Lansing, West Virginia, you can take the kids out for a competitive game of paintball on their massive, four-acre range. Afterward, go through the Timbertrek Adventure Park for a wild experience of climbing and jumping through treetop obstacles. Finally, end the day with a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure. You’re not gonna wanna miss this one.

Now you know about all of the amazing places that you can wow your kids with and make for an awesome Father’s Day experience. Well, it’s time to get out there! Give MDT a holler, and we’ll get you there in no time. We’ve got the experience and the know-how to set you up in a place you’ll love, with the people you love. It’s your day, dad!