Change the way you Travel with Intrepid 

Change the way you travel with a Vacation Rewards® tour by Intrepid, journeying to ever-popular world destinations, and for those who are a little more adventuresome, to parts unknown as well!

Many travelers are more inspired than ever to see the world with their own eyes, maybe snap a selfie for their Facebook profile and make all their friends so-o-o jealous. The undeniable power of the internet and social media now allows you to travel through the eyes of others, experiencing different cuisines, cultures, sights and sounds. But why stay at home on our couches tapping at a keyboard? Let’s get out there and really travel the world in all its glory. Live and breathe it to the utmost – that’s where Intrepid comes in.

Offering you a wide variety of in-depth adventures plus the flexibility to spend a few days, Intrepid encourages us all to get to know the people, cultures and destinations in far flung places (and not so far flung places) with an added advantage, if you choose, of seeing multiple destinations all in one go. Phew! That’s a whole lot of world!

Let’s look at 5 ways Intrepid will change the way you travel.

Gain a Real Connection with Local Cultures

Real travelling is not just going from one location to the other to see the sights. It’s about take the time to sit down and experience life with the locals. Why? To bring a unique emotional bond and sometimes even a spiritual depth to your travels among the destinations, travelers and people that you may meet. Picture yourself off the beaten track somewhere being treated to a home-cooked meal in a small family home, or joining kids in a friendly footy match on a village square in Cambodia, or helping locals with their day to day tasks, perhaps weaving alpaca jumpers in the Sacred Valley in Peru… it’s these grassroots experiences that make your trip truly one-of-a-kind.

Social, Environmental & Community Responsibility

Intrepid is invested in reducing the carbon footprint left by tourists, currently and especially a major impact on the environment of emerging economies. Small coastal towns get overwhelmed by guests, age-old mountain trails slowly disappear, wildlife is exploited for that perfect photo opportunity, and more. To minimise the impact, a simple choice of utilising public transport where possible, encouraging participants to use reusable water bottles, minimising flights in itineraries, and promoting a cross-cultural understanding, are some of the methods used by Intrepid, among others.

In fact, Intrepid aims at carbon neutrality – to offset its carbon footprint during any trip by investing in renewable energy projects throughout the world. That means you can travel to beautiful remote destinations, be socially and environmentally responsible AND support the local community. Bonus!

Small Tour Groups = Better Interactions 

Within Intrepid’s small group concept you have time to create memorable connections. The freedom to travel together safely while still having that autonomous experience helps to develop more meaningful and personal relationships – friendships that will last long after you have returned home.

Connect too with the local community, achieving a greater sense of independence as you explore your destination, embracing a local culture, cuisine and community.

Meet and Mingle Locally

Pitching up somewhere and “living it up” is not necessarily what it’s all about (although for some it might be). The more you experience of the world, the more you realise that a key interaction of any trip is with the people who live your chosen destination everyday.

Think of your Intrepid tour guide as part of your destination, they’ll hook you up with traditional and unique experiences, take you off the beaten track to see hidden gems and enhance each destination’s rich and unique cultures… as well as the usual highlights and sights that most tourists get to see. Basically they know their destinations! 

Choose Your Own Travel Style

Create your own personal grassroots experience by combining Intrepid’s varied travel themes and packages. Whether you’re travelling on a budget or are prepared to splurge on ultra-luxury, the options are wide open for a fun-filled adventure. For a more personal, socially responsible and different approach to travel, Intrepid has you covered.

Have we inspired you to discover the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, or cruise to the ends of the earth for Antarctica’s majestic glacier paradise or even an in-depth tropical Asian adventure?

Inspired to travel?

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