Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram

Okay, so you’re sick and tired of your feed being filled up with food and your old high school friends’ babies. We get it. So trust us when we say that we have found some of the most amazing travel bloggers and you will not regret stalking them on Insta.



Check out @pilotviking as he charts the Scandinavian Countryside filming some of the most adrenaline filled adventures you could ever imagine. His dog is super cute too.



Next, follow @Goldie_Berlin through her colorful adventures in interesting places.



@loucosporviagem is truly a gem and you can witness her escapades through Rio and Brazil on Instagram.

Lost LeBlanc:


You will not regret becoming a fan of @lostleblanc as he documents his travels on Instagram alongside his girlfriend. He’s literally living the dream.

Joel Schat:


@joelschat uses his incredible photography skills to document some of the most rugged terrains on earth, and his night-sky pictures are killer.

Mike Bishop: takes his drone skills to the edge of the earth only to present them to you from the comfort of your home. Not recommended if you have a fear of heights.

Lala Rebelo:


@lalarebelo is a Brazilian Travel Blogger here to show you some of the most premier travel destinations on the planet. Even his baby comes along for the ride!

Thiago Lopez:

Follow @thiago.lopez as this Brazilian Travel Blogger records video and snaps pictures. There’s definitely some amazing oceanic photo-ops on this page.

Pilot Madeline:


@pilotmadeline is sure not to disappoint as this European travel blogger shows you some of the most elegant travel destinations on earth. Hopefully, she’ll show us how she does her hair next.

Sawyer Hartman:

@sawyerhartman is here to inspire, educate and entertain his followers. Seriously, he makes some good stuff.

Senna Relax:

@sennarelax will present to you the finest of the world’s destinations from just a tap of your finger! I’ll be honest, the places he travels to make me jealous!

The Blond Abroad:


@theblondabroad blogs about her travels and snaps crisp, elegant photos of her journeys. This girl knows what she’s doing.

Just remember that all of these travel bloggers started where you are. Nothing is stopping you from living your dream of traveling the world and sharing your experience with others. Don’t fret, MDT can help you figure out where to start. It’s never too late to start that travel-inspired Insta!