Breathtaking Places to Visit or Book NOW – No Matter What the Groundhog Says

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Today, Punxsutawney Phil, the furry, winter-forecasting weather man-um- groundhog from western Pennsylvania is headed outside today (looking at a high of 20, so Thank. You. Phil!) As you know, it is his job and his job alone to determine if this winter will be a short one. Or … if we’re going to see at least another six weeks-or-so of intolerably cold weather. And really, no matter what the little guy says, why not check out some breathtaking place to visit or book now?

What we’re trying to say is that we’ve found some really beautiful destinations and journeys – so beautiful (with best-rate anywhere deals in tow) – you won’t care how wintery is “up in” Phil’s hood. So, take a look! They’re perfect for escaping the drudgery of urban winter living.

Kissimmee, Florida

Yes! Kissimmee IS by Orlando. And it is close to all the cool theme parks. The weather is great from now through the spring and the Star Island Resort is so nice it’s a destination unto itself – one that is absolutely breathtaking. What’s more, we found a deal that is so unbelievable – that if there was any reason to set aside a few PTO days in April, this would be it.

Must Do Deal:
Star Island Resort (Kissimmee, Florida)
Online Price: $1,128
MDT Member Price: $349
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Bahamas (Cruise for 43% OFF)

Seldom do we couple a savings percentage with a destination headline, but this one is electric.
How so?
Well, for one, even though the Bahamas are NOT a part of the United States, you won’t need a passport for this quick jaunt to paradise. The trick here is that you will need to bring your drivers license (or government-issued identification card), as well as your original birth certificate. Also, you will need to depart and return to the same US port from which you left (which this is).

Just about 165 miles due east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you’ll discover lively island towns, desolate romantic beaches and virtually endless fun in the sun. This one is a winner for couples, families and anybody else smart enough to book this deal right now. Have at it!

  1. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (Anthem of the Seas)
    Balcony Room
    Departs February 9, 2018 from Cape Liberty, Bayonne NJ
    Online Price: $2,724
    MDT Member Price: $1552
    Book Now at MDT to save 43%
  2. Norwegian Cruise (to Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau, Bahamas)
    Inside Cabin
    Departs March 25, 2018 (from New York)
    CRAZY MDT Member Price: $599.00
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Cozumel, Mexico


This place is absolutely surreal and is best known for a really cool things. These include coral reefs, wild adventure and romance. Cozumel might just be your ideal vacation island and at our “right now” Must Do Travels price, there has NEVER been a better time to put it on your “DONE IT!” list …

Must Do Deal:
Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort & Spa
7 Nights
Online Price: $2,791
MDT Member Price: $962
Book Now at MDT to save 66%

Oh, and if you were wondering – our ability to find and deliver travel’s best deals extends to literally everywhere you want to be. Must Do Travels has carte blanche to take the lid off of pricing anywhere your imagination can take you. So, get used to winning the travel game at

Note on Featured Image: Yes, for you hard-core animal experts – we realize that the cute furry guys at the top are NOT groundhogs. Rather, we used these uber-cool marmots (from the Swiss alps, no less) as our featured image because they LOOK like groundhogs (for whom we could find zero “on vacation” shots.) So, there’s that. Guilty as charged. For the record though, groundhogs ARE in the marmot family. Just sayin’ …