Travel Magic: Why Every Destination is a Must Do

Perhaps something gets lost in the name Must Do Travels. It would be fair to guess that many readers/members/guests/visitors (whatever MustDoers are called these days), think we’re here to seek out perfect spots and then share why you should go.

Truth be told, we think every place is, in its own way, a “must do.”

Every Destination is a Gift

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – the Flattest Place on Earth

Compelling reasons are feelings unique to the compelled. Many may be shared, but each person’s blueprint for wanting to go somewhere, eat somewhere, or do such and such, varies at least ever so slightly, from the next.

Of course, it is true that what disparate places offer is literally as diverse as the world itself. But for us, the real contribution is sharing such options and individual experiences. In doing so, we are able to provide insight into some different aspects of a destination that might be overlooked. Or, are simply too unique to miss. Or are just worth it because of their ability to elicit emotion. At Must Do, even though there are differences even her, among the daily contributors, we enjoy a sense of delight that comes with bringing dreams a bit closer to attainable goals – or just making simple day trips or even staycations more affordable.

At Must Do Travels, it is always the journey that is Must Do. It is about a place in time. A meditative train ride across the plains. A moment shared. Playing witness to something new or precious. The transference from an unknown to something familiar. Travel is an expansion of the mind, a forever alteration to consciousness itself. And by taking the time to showcase places and experiences, we hope to encourage you to seek out and experience new sources of intrigue – to stir your spirit and increase the desire to explore.

But why?

Our Reason

Rock Restaurant - Zanzibar, Tanzania
Rock Restaurant – Zanzibar, Tanzania. One of the world’s most remote & surprisingly, consistently delicious restaurants

Well, if you think it’s to sell hotel rooms, you’re missing the point. There are plenty out there who do that. In fact, we didn’t begin this movement as a travel booking company – though we are DELIGHTED we’ve earned FOR YOU the ability to save on literally every type of travel accommodation under the sun (and the means for us to continue to do so).

Really, we are here because everyone in our group believes that travel has magical effects on people. And we further believe that travel is among the greatest gifts of life. In travel, we feel connected to a bigger community and yet, a smaller world. We realize our differences and learn not only are they beautiful – they really are just delightful footnotes to the realization of our tremendous similarity in heart and kind.

We find new ways to connect to the physical world, to nature, to our fellow living Earth dwellers. Immersion into this magnificent, randomly chosen, star illuminated sphere spinning its way through eternity with us on its back. Perhaps we are truly here, to simply embrace being here and all that comes with it. So, should we do it with our eyes cast to the floor? We think, no

At Must Do, we feel we’re here to share. And we are here to challenge you. Pick a place. One near or far. A puddle jump, one costly and extravagant, one near and affordable, or one at any level in between. It’s all up to you. Then, pick a date, pick a duration of length, and choose at least one travel partner. Need some help or ideas or want to save a bit, just look here.

Then, go.

Burnt Almond Torte
Burnt Almond Torte. Best Cake in America. Prantl’s Bakery, Pittsburgh, PA

If anything, we’re glad you’re here. And, we’re glad you’re one of us.

And know there are people here. Real ones. With heart and a tremendous appreciation of this world – and everything in it. People with a sense that what’s actually Must Do, should be left up to you.

Please remember, your experience is meaningful to all of us. And, we can help you get there, too – wherever that may be.