15 Things For Your Canadian Bucket List

After you’ve seen all 50 states in the US, why not visit its younger neighbor to the north known as Canada?  Each of the country’s 10 provinces has its own noteworthy experiences.  Here are but a few of the “must dos” to put on your penultimate Canadian bucket list courtesy of various on and offline sources.

1. Visit Kluane National Park And Reserve

Take a flight over the park and see a glacier in Kluane National Park.  Located in southwestern Yukon, the Kluane National Park Reserve was founded in 1972.  It includes the country’s highest mountain, Mount Logan which is almost 20,000 feet high.  The wildlife there includes Alaskan moose, arctic ground squirrels, beavers, caribou, coyotes, lynxes, marmots, minks, mountain goats, muskrats, red foxes, river otters, snowshoe hares, timber wolves, and wolverines.


2. Go To Moraine Lake  

Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in the famous Banff National Park, roughly nine miles away from the Village of Lake Louise in Alberta.  Water sports such as canoeing are practically a Canadian institution and one can enjoy them in the lake.  You can also enjoy the popular spots for hiking and mountaineering around the lake or simply enjoy the scenery with friends and family.

3. Attend The Calgary Stampede

After you check out Banff National Park, drive to Calgary in Alberta.  Time your travels for July so you can check out the famous Calgary Stampede.  It’s a yearly exhibition, rodeo show, and festival.  The event also includes a midway, a parade, chuckwagons and stampede breakfasts.  There are also various year-round events at Stampede Park in case you arrive early or stay longer including home and garden and boat and sportsmen’s shows.

4. Visit Montreal

Montreal is reportedly the “most populous” city in Quebec.  It’s also second-most populous in the country and is named after Mount Royal.  The municipality is also the home base of successful, world-renowned Cirque du Soleil.  Every one of their thematic shows is created there.   If you are visiting in the area at the right time, you can catch a preview and be one of the first people to see their latest show.

5. Explore The Yukon

The Yukon is a well-known area in northwestern Canada.  It is both the smallest and the westernmost of the country’s federal territories.  It is typically praised for the memorable landscapes and friendly townies.  Typically tourists fly into Whitehorse.  There they rent an automobile or even a motorhome to tour the Yukon.  In fact, depending on your route, you could stop to see Kluane National Park And Reserve as part of your road trip.   


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