15 Things For Your Canadian Bucket List 3

11. Tour Toronto

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is also the provincial capital of Ontario.  It’s also an international center of art, music, theater and TV and movie production.  Tourists can visit a number of different, art galleries, entertainment districts, museums, national historic sites, and attend various festivals, sporting events, and other regular public activities.  The city is also known for its high-rise buildings including the “tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere” the famous CN Tower.

12. See Orcas From Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is located off the coast of Canada. It’s a part of British Columbia.  Every year from March to October thousands of whales migrate through the waters by Vancouver.  Thus, the largest island on the west coast of the continent is one of the best places in the world for whale watching.  Numerous tour operators offer whale watching expeditions.  You can also hike, ski, surf or go scuba diving.

13. Ski In The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are a portion of the North American Rocky Mountains.  They’re actually different in appearance from the American Rockies to the south.  They have several high ranges and peaks including Mount Columbia and Mount Robson which are both almost 13,000 feet high.  Composed of limestone and shale, they’re home to a number of ski resorts so you’ll be able to find at least one that will suit you perfectly.

14. Visit Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is situated in downtown Ottawa in Ontario on the banks of the Ottawa River.  The suite of buildings houses the Parliament of Canada.  Officially opened on June 6, 1866, the buildings are designed in a gothic revival style and contain elements of national symbolic significance.  In 1916, a fire turned everything but the library to ashes.  Reconstruction began the following year.  Parliament Hill draws in roughly 3 million visitors annually.

15. Have Some Poutine

Ask people what you should eat while in Canada and chances are one popular suggestion will be: “Poutine.”  Poutine is a true Canadian dish born in the province of Québec.  The dish, usually sold by roadside chip wagons and offered in pubs and small “greasy spoon” style diners, consists of hot french fries and cheese curds topped off with a nice brown gravy is a typical fast-food dish sold across the country.   

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