Lessons We’ve Learned While Travelling

As a cruise and travel company, our consultants have accumulated hundreds upon thousands of hours traveling the globe, and we’ve definitely learned a few things over the years.

Each unique experience has given us a lot of insight, knowledge, and an awareness of different cultures, countries and people, that continues to be an inspiration to ourselves and to our customers. Looking forward to a well-planned holiday that meets all of your needs and desires takes a good deal of research, planning and of course, some guidance from experts… and that’s where we come in. Simply visit our website for some ideas and then give us a call, and you’ll soon be on your way.

Until then, here are a few lessons we have learned while cruising and travelling…

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Like with most things, there will be times when your travel plans just don’t go the way they were meant to. It could be the weather, no Wi-Fi, a delayed flight, or a touch of the flu. No matter how bad it gets, you should always remember that you’re still on holiday, and whatever the issue is – a delay, a rest day in bed, exploring a museum while it’s raining outside etc, it’s the chance for a different, if unexpected experience that you would not have had.

Don’t stress and let that one little thing bring a whole holiday down. Why sweat the small stuff when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself? Much like life, you can’t really predict what will happen during your travels… and really, isn’t that one of the things that makes it fun – the unlooked for and unexpected! Keep your cool, take everything in your stride, put on a smile and enjoy your holiday!

BE in the Destination

With the latest technology and smartphones all around us, it can be easy to get lost on the screen and not appreciate the things around you. There could be a great sight just around the corner, an unforgettable conversation with a local, or some mouth-watering street food right in front of you – but you’re totally glued to your screen or your camera!

Let’s simply “BE” in your surroundings and whoever you are with. It’s one thing to be physically present, and another to be mentally and emotionally there. We promise you, the experience of cruising and travel will be all the more because you were really there. Whether it’s with your family, your kids, your friends, a stranger or your life long partner, a holiday shared is a unique memory that you will share together forever.

Pack Light!

As in most things, it pays to be practical. Packing light allows you to be more flexible and not worry about (or lose) multiple pieces of luggage along the way. One bag is enough for a week or two away, with the addition of a small carry-on if needed. Makes it easier to unpack and repack when needed – of course if you are cruising, you have the added benefit of unpacking once while you are holidaying, so you could probably pack and stack quite a bit more!

If you can downsize to the extreme to just a small carry-on, think about how easy it would be when you go through customs and checkpoints – so easy! If you can roll lightly with limited space and limited clothes, then be prepared to do some laundry while you are away. It’ll easily turn your travels around – as easy as you can turn around with just one bag!

Packing light is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as you travel to make the experience smoother and easier.

Know Where You’re Going

It goes without saying that research is a priority. Knowing your destination will be the difference between maxing out your credit card on an overpriced generic hotel in a random area or saving literally hundreds of dollars on a better location with perks like great value meals and comfortable accommodation. And it goes without saying, that if you know the lay of the land, you are less likely to get lost and will know where you want to be for all the sights and highlights.

Knowing your destination can also help you appreciate and learn about the culture, the people, their history and their lives. Discovering the hotspots for tourists as well as the local spotlights and experiences off the beaten track. Research is one of the best places to start your holiday to get the most from any destination.

Which leads us neatly into…

Getting out of your comfort zone

When you’re out and about, try something new, discover something different, do something unexpected, try the local cuisine – after all you’re not back home in your lounge room, YOU are on holiday. Maybe you are fishing for your dinner on a remote island in the Pacific, skiing in Japan, or strolling the streets of South-East Asia experiencing the hustle and bustle of life and where the street-food calls to you with each passing stall, canoeing in Indonesia or climbing mountains, or simply watching snowflakes falling under twinkling lights of a German Christmas Market while an oom-pah pa band plays.

It can be as scary as you like – eating skewered spiders in Cambodia (pretty scary in my books), or as fabulous as you like – scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef – it’s really up to you… but that’s the great and exciting thing about it! If you know you can do whatever it is, and you’re willing to give it a go, then do it. When you jump outside of your comfort zone, you’ll discover there is a whole world around you just begging to be explored!

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