Want to Study Abroad? Here’s Where to Go

Calling all students out there! If you’re looking to study abroad, we know there are some tough decisions to be made. There are so many places in the world that you can spend your year or semester, so we’re going to help you out a little. Whether you’re looking at more popular study abroad destinations, or some that are less traveled to, we’ve got you covered!


Student in Madrid

Starting off the list with one of the most popular study abroad destinations. It’s near many other European countries and is a great place for Spanish speaking students to practice their language skills. The only downside to this is that in Spain, the locals of different regions may speak languages like Catalan or Basque, depending on where they’re from. So, be mindful of where you choose to go to Spain or be open to learning some new vocab words!

Since Spain is such a popular study spot, you won’t have trouble finding a good program there though, whether it be through your school or not. If you’re looking to study in art, art history, language studies, architecture, linguistics or anything similar, then Spain should definitely be one of the top considerations on your list.


University student in Italy

Fascinating historical sites, a gorgeous coastline, and food that is absolutely to die for. Why would you not want to study abroad in Italy? There aren’t many cons when it comes to going to Italy, other than so many other foreigners head there. Because of this, if you’re in popular cities like Rome, it’ll be a little harder to really immerse yourself into a new culture. Like many other places in Europe, Italy is a great place to study art and art history, but it’s also perfect for those looking into fashion, wanting to spend a few months in couture capital, Milan.


Two people in Argentina

Argentina is, of course, another excellent place for those looking to improve their Spanish. The country has both beautiful rural areas and vibrant cities. Also, the urban areas are only a fraction of the price of any European city. Some of the best things to study if you’re planning on going to Argentina are subjects such as art and social science. Social science is particularly interesting for this area, considering the unique culture which resulted from tradition as well as European colonists. Argentina is also, obviously, a great place to study Spanish, along with politics, history and culture.


Student studying outdoors in China

China really is a truly fascinating place to study, as it rises to be a major world power. It’s increasing economic, social, and political forces have made it a hot spot for students studying abroad. The country also is rich in ancient history and culture, making it perfect for students. In addition to this, the language and culture in China are vastly different from western countries, which are more popularly visited by students, so if you’re a westerner looking for a drastic change, then China is a great option.

If you’re staying in a larger city in China, then one of the best areas of study is medicine. Majors such as cultural studies and history though can be pursued in both the larger cities in China and the more rural areas.


Students wait for the Tube in London

Next up on our list is England! The U.K., in general, is an excellent option for those looking to study abroad, who don’t know or have much interest in learning a foreign language. England has some of the best universities in the world, so there’s really no shortage of opportunities for students. When it comes to different things to study here, the answer is everything! Not everyone is looking for a total culture shift when getting their education, England and the U.K. might be a good stepping stone for you or just a new, exciting place that still has its own quirks and personality.


Woman sitting in Paris reading

France has so many different studies abroad experiences to offer, it just depends on where you study. You could stay in the French countryside or in the busy city of Paris. France is also yet another European country close to other incredible destinations. Take a weekend trip to Spain for one week and a trip to Italy next!

The best areas of study for those going to France are similar to if you were going to Spain. The cities there are filled with museums full of art, music, history, and literature dating back to the (very) olden days. Learn the French language with total immersion here, even though you’ll still have no problem getting around if you’re a little rusty!


Student in Chile

Similar to Argentina, Chile offers the same blend of European and indigenous cultures as many other Latin American countries. This makes it an excellent place for those studying social sciences and cultural studies. You can live and study in larger cities such as Santiago, but if you’re planning on going to Chile, you NEED to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. With a gorgeous coastline and towering mountains and volcanoes, this country offers a lot of sights to see.

New Zealand

University student in front of historic NZ building

Speaking of gorgeous scenery and nature, New Zealand’s lush forests and majestic mountains are only part of what makes it such a great destination. It’s another great place for those who wish to go to an English speaking country. In addition to all of this, New Zealand gets credit for having some of the friendliest locals, so you’re sure to make friends during your time there. The country is perfect for almost any major, and you’ll have no problem making yourself at home.


University student exploring Berlin

Germany, which is also the most populated country in the E.U., is an economic juggernaut in the technology and science industries. As far as European countries go, it’s actually much cheaper to study in Germany than some others like France or Italy, which is a plus. Some of the best areas of study for those going to Germany are politics, engineering and business. Cities like Berlin are rich in history from periods of WWII and the Cold War, and that along with the classic European art and architecture makes it a truly amazing place to study abroad.

Costa Rica

Students in Costa Rica

Last but not least on our list is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is yet another excellent spot for Spanish speaking students, but it differs significantly from study spots like Spain and Chile. The lush jungles and rainforests in Costa Rica make it great for those with science majors, like ecology or biology. The country’s beautiful beaches and a large number of waterfalls are reason enough to go, but learning Spanish and studying your intended major there make it even better!