7-Eleven: Japan Edition

If you think that this popular convenience chain is an American phenomenon, think again, because there are over 16,000 7-Elevens in Japan. And these stores aren’t your traditional 7-Elevens either, they’re scaled up just a little bit. Or, a lot.

7-Eleven in Japan

The stores that you’re used to probably have a whole wall of chips, questionable donuts and of course, our beloved Slurpees. Not these though. The 7-Elevens in Japan have just about any food you could possibly want without the ick factor. You could easily have every single one of your meals at one of these places, no problem. They even have their own brand of wine. A lot of their food there is food is made fresh, local and delicious. This isn’t your standard gas station food, these are some high-quality grab-and-go kind of grub.

Fresh foods at 7-Eleven in Tokyo

You won’t find hot dogs that have been roasting all day, we’re talking warm snacks for you to take with you and enjoy (and not regret eating later in the day). You’ll also be able to find sandwiches, salads, sushi, prepackaged meals and lots of ramen. You can order takeaway or even home delivery meals as well.

Drinks at a 7-Eleven in Tokyo

These stores, of course, have a lot more than just food. You know how we said that they have every single food you could wish for? Well, they also have everything else. There’s free wifi in the stores too, so if you’re stumped on what to buy you can always do a quick search. You can find necessities there that you’d regularly find at places like Target in the U.S. Some of these stores even have tables so you can hang out and eat an insensible amount of sensible food.

Check out this video of Chonnyday on YouTube eating only 7-Eleven food for a full 24-hours.

We know, it sounds pretty weird, but you really need to check one of these places out if you ever find yourself in Japan. You won’t regret it, your wallet will thank you!