Richard Branson’s New Cruise Line, Virgin Voyagers

Get ready to book another cruise, because billionaire Richard Branson’s new cruise line, Virgin Voyagers, will be open for business in April 2020. Famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson, is now starting his own, adult-only cruise line. According to Branson, he’s never quite liked cruises, so expect this ship to push some boundaries. Despite his love-hate relationship with sailing, Branson has had the idea of his own ship for quite some time now, and he’s finally taking action.

With the very name of, “Virgin Voyagers”, Branson hopes to attract newcomers to cruising. He does not wish to add competition to the industry, but rather, he wishes to expand the market and attract those who have been hesitant toward cruising in the past. As this hip billionaire (is that even real?) says, he wants to have more sophisticated experience, hence why it’s an adults-only ship.

Richard Branson doing a talk

Away, Buffet!

Branson doesn’t want the common buffet style restaurants that most cruises have, and instead designed a more mature and refined environment. He plans to have over 20 sit down restaurants that will be included in the price of the cruise. Because of this, the cruise staff will have a salary that allows them not to depend on tips, and passengers will not have to pay gratuities.

Eco-Friendly Fun Times

Another great aspect of this up and coming cruise line is the environmental focus that it plans to have. In efforts to reduce the plastic ending up in the oceans, there will be no single-use plastics allowed on the ships. The company is also currently working on creating a type of sunscreen that can be worn in the water but won’t damage the reefs as most sunscreens do. In a lot of places, cruise lines aren’t regulated and can easily dump their waste and plastics into the ocean with no repercussions. This is something that Branson plans to address in his new venture, and we don’t know about you, but we couldn’t be more excited!

All Aboard

Not only does the ship sound pretty cool, but it looks pretty cool too. The outdoor decks are designed to resemble popular vacation spots like Bali, Ibiza and the Hamptons. There’s also a white rooftop lounge, signature nightclub and even a culinary learning laboratory. We’re not quite sure what all the individual rooms are going to look like just yet, but if they’re anything like the rest of the ship, you won’t be disappointed.

Just check out this nightclub

Overall, this exciting and new cruise experience targets a younger demographic that may have never even considered getting on a boat before, with a new touch and niche. We hope you’re as hyped for this one as we are!