Tyra Banks to Open Modelland Theme Park


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Yes, you read that title correctly. Tyra Banks is adding theme park owner onto her already packed resume. Very recently, the supermodel turned TV phenomenon announced that she is opening her own amusement park in Southern California, with the theme of course being, modeling. This concept is now in the works and is expected to open in late 2019 at Macerich Santa Monica Place. Again, this is real life. Not only that, but the park will, of course, be called, “Modelland”, just like her book. Its main premise is to be a place where even the most unsymmetrical of us can go and be fierce.

Tyra at an event

When describing this upcoming endeavor, Banks told WWD that she wants to “bring modeling to the masses”. She envisions a place for everyone, where all generations and all kinds of people alike can come and end enjoy their day at this unique experience and most importantly, shop. Yes, shopping. You can’t have a park dedicated to lewks without having a 90s teen movie-style mall montage.

Banks also spilled that she was inspired by Disneyland, she just hasn’t released any of the details yet on how that will come to be. Although she hasn’t specified if there will be other celebrities involved, she hasn’t denied it either. So maybe you’ll get the chance to catch some celeb sightings and then ask them if tongue placement really makes a difference in your jawline.

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The whole park will have multilevel tickets, but the shopping is open to all. The stores will not just have Modelland merchandise, but a variety of other brands as well. There are also restaurant concepts for the theme park, Banks just hasn’t released much information about these either. The good news is, when you get hungry after all of that shopping, you can take a breather and eat some food, hopefully not model food though. If it’s all protein shakes you can forget that noise!

Overall, while Banks’ fun idea does include some good old fashioned retail therapy, she also has the plans to empower all who come to her park and wants everyone to have a fun day, feeling great in their own skin. We will keep you updated as more details come out!

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We’re rooting for you, we’re all rooting for you.