MUST PACK… for your Next Adventure  

There is no denying that travel is one of the best adventures. Our advice? Keep it simple, plan ahead and pack smart!
What you bring (and what you don’t) can often make or break a holiday, so that’s why we’ve come up with our smart traveller’s list for a stress-free suitcase. Here we go…

Walking Shoes

Invested in some comfortable walking shoes. The Guys will easily go for a pair of sneakers and wear them ANYWHERE (except for formal occasions – we hope). For the Gals out there don’t think you can’t be both comfy AND stylish – a quick Google search has thousands of ideas on what shoes to wear from leaving your front door to the airport and back again. We suggest a minimum of three pairs: thongs (aka flip flops) or sandals for the beach (preferably something easy to slip-on/off), sneakers for walking discovery’s, and a pair of low heel shoes that can go from day to evening wear in a jiffy.

A Mini-Backpack

Benefits are simple. You have easy access to all of your important stuff on-the-go. Passport, cash and credit card, snacks (see below), wrap and spare clothes. Day-packs can be taken as hand luggage on a plane, double as an impromptu pillow or to keep your hands free when roaming around a destination. There are plenty for travelers to choose from, and most will fold down to stash inside your suitcase… a bag within a bag… within a bag! (Kinda like the movie INCEPTION – OK this is getting a little weird now!)

A Collapsible Water Bottle with Filter

We love these things! Not only do they fit right in your mini-backpack (see above), they will keep you hydrated virtually anywhere. Fill with water and you’re good to go.


Sure, you may already know that you’ll need your toothbrush, toothpaste, and some extra underwear for your trip – but we’ll bet you’ve never considered these essentials that will make your life easier.
Mini hand sanitiser to keep any germs at bay will double as a quick wipe down for germy surfaces, at a pinch can be used as an antiseptic (it’s gonna sting!). We especially like the mini-bottles with hooks or clips to latch easily onto your luggage or belt.
Wet wipes will also come in extremely handy as refresher wipes to cool you down, clean you up and as a wipe down for any grimy or sticky surfaces (especially good if you have kids with you and water isn’t readily available).

PRO-TIP: Pack these essentials in your carry-on to freshen up quickly and easily.


Sometimes the teeny tiny pack of peanuts and mini diet Coke you are served on a plane just won’t cut it. We think the best idea would be to pack your favorite snacks to munch on. Airport security will let your snacks pass as long as they’re securely wrapped and non-liquid. We are talking sandwiches, fruits, cheese, nuts, crackers, biscuits, lollies, a good block of chocolate, chips – anything that goes down easy and packs light will do.

The Almighty Dollar

It’s always wise to carry low denomination currency for market stalls, arrival taxis, tips, tour guide gratuities, bus or train fare, whatever you need to help you get through the day in your chosen destination. Always have a little bit of cash about you, just in case, because not everyone accepts the good old credit card – especially if you are in the jungle wilds of a far-flung country, or at a local market on a tropical island – you don’t want to miss out on those delicious mangoes, or just picked coconuts.

PRO-TIP: We also recommend carrying some US dollars with you, as they are accepted in most countries.

Scarf, Wrap or Sarong 

There are a dozen, if not more uses for a scarf, wrap or sarong. It’s considered THE most versatile piece of holiday kit and will be put to good use when you travel! Tie one around your waist to create a beach skirt, keep warm or use as a coverup, shawl or blanky, if it’s big enough. A wrap can double as a headscarf to keep the wind, rain, sand, snow from your face, or used as an additional bag. It can be as versatile as a picnic blanket, or even curtains if you feel it’s getting a little bright out – the possibilities are endless!

Sunscreen & Hat

Number one rule when travelling – slip, slop, slap! It can also spell the difference between a golden tan and a red raw sunburn, especially if you’re visiting tropical countries and you’re in the sun all the time. Buy a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 or use total blockout if you know that you burn! And wear a hat. Not just any hat. One that is going to provide some shade and cover your snoz, because believe me, a red red nose does not make for a happy bunny.


Make sure you have some form of ID on you at all times. Put it in your pocket, bag, backpack, wallet, or pouch as it will just save a lot of hassle if you can produce it immediately. Just trust us on this OK – having ID handy will save you a lot of time.


Did we miss anything? What other essentials do you bring along on a trip?

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