Famous Scottish Foods Every First Timer Needs to Try

Scotland is a land that fills the mind with pleasant dreams of kilts, strong accents, Lord of the Rings looking backdrops and bagpipes. It is also rich in fresh produce including but not limited to salmon and the wonderfully buttery shortbread. When you visit Scotland, be sure to try out these foods as they are sure to provide you with a culinary delight well worth savoring.


Piece of Haggis

This polarizing dish made of the liver, lungs and heart of a sheep was eulogized by the famous poet Robert Burns who praised this iconic Scottish food. Other ingredients in haggis include spices, salt and oatmeal as well as suet and onions. Overall, if you don’t think too hard about what it is and what it looks like, it can be a treat worth the price.

Neeps and Tatties


Another food we recommend is this wonderful dish that is normally served with Haggis. However, neeps and tatties are also featured in a variety of other recipes in Scotland. Neeps is the Scottish term for turnips and tatties refer to potatoes. Adding some butter and chives to this comforting mix creates a clapshot (a famous dish originating from Orkney). Neeps and Tatties, when combined with peas and carrots are a year-round crowd pleaser.


Scottish Porridge

The porridge of Scotland is second to none. Instead of being made with sugar, it’s actually made with salt. If you want to get a taste of true Scottish food and culture, then be sure to try out the Scottish porridge first thing in the morning. You will be amazed at how filling and hearty it is.

Scottish Breakfast

Traditional Breakfast

Much like the complete English breakfast, the full Scottish breakfast is also a whole lot of food that includes black pudding and Lorne sausage as well as tattie scones. Sometimes, it also includes Haggis or is served with white pudding. The good news is this hangover helper is served in almost every part of Scotland.

Scottish Tablet

Scottish tablet at a market

Sugar fiends, this might be one of the best Scottish treats you can find in Scotland. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to call it one of the sweetest pieces of heaven. This wonderfully delicious crumbly but fudge-like confection is produced in virtually every part of the country and is certainly worth trying out.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

What good is a tour-de-food without bangers and mash? This is a classic dish of sausage (bangers) and mashed potatoes (mash). Just like grandma used to make those buttery mashed potatoes, the Scots often serve mash smothered in gravy, graced with one of country’s finest cured meats in a dish that’ll warm you up and makes you feel like home.

Toffee Pudding

Toffee Pudding

If you are looking for a delightful dessert, then you really must make it a point to get you some sticky toffee pudding. It’s a moistened sponge cake that is accompanied by some dates and toffee sauce as well as either vanilla custard or some ice cream. You will find it being served at most Scottish pubs, oddly enough. So, be sure to ask for this wonderfully delicious pudding the next time you’re out for a pint or just hankering for dessert.

There you have it! A couple of famous Scottish foods that every first-timer should experience. Let us know how your food journey went!