South Pacific Islands and Beaches for First Time Cruisers

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to cruise into a beautiful South Pacific paradise! If you are a first time cruiser, we’re sure you’ll have a whale of a time relaxing on stunning palm-lined beaches just steps away from underwater playgrounds to the unique charm of “deserted” islands where you are free to frolic and play – you really can’t go wrong with our wide selection of popular south pacific cruise destinations.

Our article touches on some of the world’s best cruise destinations with beaches to die for. Set sail with us now as we explore the islands of the South Pacific and even add some other activities and places that you can explore!

Bora Bora

There’s a reason why Bora Bora consistently pops up in everyone’s TOP DESTINATION lists – the place is simply stunning and home to one of the world’s best beaches. You’ll find a truly unique setting amidst the clear turquoise waters and perfect white sands. A few days soaking up the sun in one of many ultra-luxurious resorts may set you back a bit; however, we can confidently say that it’s totally worth it! Otherwise, we suggest you climb aboard a luxurious cruise around the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora, or join a cruise across the Pacific from Australia’s east coast to Hawaii via these lovely tropical islands. Perfect!


The legendary islands of Tahiti are a diver’s perfect escape from the madness of the modern world. Head for the Tuamotu Atolls for some world-class diving, and if you want to explore more, you can hike to the beautiful mountain waterfalls of the Marquesas Islands and continue on to Teahupoo for a majestic view of the waves. Tahiti has been known as a paradise destination with wide open expanses of clear water, dotted with lagoons and reefs teeming with fish and corals. You will enjoy the friendly laid-back lifestyle of the islanders as you slow down to island time.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki is your gateway to must-see blue lagoons and beautiful white sand beaches at the One-Foot Island. You can go for some of the world’s best snorkelling here, tour around the island, or simply dine at the beach bar and grill as you drink in the stunning views. Although not on the regular cruising routes there are a few cruises that will touch base in this island paradise this year.

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Popularly known as the “Jewel of the Pacific”, the Isle of Pines is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations in the world. It is regularly on the South Pacific routes of many cruises sailing from Australia’s east coast and New Zealand. Explore world-heritage listed marine parks, gorgeous white sand beaches, picturesque lagoons and exotic landscapes amidst soaring pine trees.

Mystery Island, Fiji

Desert-island-feels await on this awe-inspiring sandy destination, while only tiny, this island hideaway will take you on big adventures amidst white sand beachfronts, swaying palm trees and surrounding colorful reefs. Swim, snorkel, dive, kayak, sit on a glass boat and get a watery view of the fish, corals, turtles and more. Set sail today on the perfect South Pacific Cruise to enjoy the mystery of this lovely little island.

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

This white sand island string of pearls of Fiji is where you‘ll find the most picture-postcard scenery alongside a friendly island culture, with locals that simply love tourists. Yasawa means “Heaven” in the local language, and you could be forgiven for thinking you had just arrived! Stay on one of the islands or cruise in luxury around them all. Snorkel, dive or swim in warm tropical waters, wander along deserted white sand beaches, visit limestone lagoons and native villages, join in the singing with locals as their stunning voices lift your spirits to the star-filled night sky. Fiji is the place to be!

Efate & Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s largest island has oodles and oodles of tropical fun and adventure for cruisers and travelers to explore. From spectacular diving spots including an underwater volcano! to the beautiful Champagne Beach, discover a rich biodiversity of plants, birds and marine life throughout the island nation, and don’t forget to do some souvenir shopping in Port Vila on the island of Efate or in Luganville’s markets on the island of Espiritu Santo. Vanuatu is one of the highlights of any South Pacific cruise, and a must experience for any visitor.

The South Pacific is known to many as one of the world’s most popular island destinations, and travelers are often surprised that they can select a cruise based around itinerary, budget, and personal preferences. Cruising from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti and more, the choice is yours to make.

For cruises with great value, P&O Cruises and Carnival Cruises are an ideal option for families cruising with younger children, while on the other hand, if you want to splurge a little, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean can offer you great cabin choices, exclusive onshore excursions and a little more luxury to boot! For the ultimate in holiday cruises, we recommend Celebrity Cruises and Holland America Line – both offering a world-class luxurious onboard escape to the South Pacific.

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