Prepare for Season 23: Discover the Most Unforgettable Bachelor Destinations

Well, it’s that time of year again. New year, same you or new you, there’s no need to fret because the newest season of ABC’s television hit, The Bachelor is here!

ABC cast it’s leading dude for the Season 23 and it’s none other than sir Colton Underwood. He was previously on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and had quite the stint with Tia Booth on Bachelor in Paradise. But, those two opportunities didn’t end in a proposal. Perhaps the third time is the charm?!

Ok, we’ll admit it. We’ve got a few bachelor fans in the house, but fan or not, there’s one thing we all love. It’s the destinations the candidates get to go to! We’re talking anywhere from Richmond, Virginia all the way to The Bahamas. Don’t believe us? Take a gander at some of the dreamiest and unforgettable locations in Bachelor history that funnily enough serve as backdrops for cringe-worthy and goosebump-giving dates.


Come on! It’s Hawaii after all and its magic is hard to deny. For those of you that have been with the show for a while, you just might remember Ed and Jillian’s little romance on the Big Island during Season 5 of The Bachelorette.

St. Lucia:

Quite the Caribbean jewel, St. Lucia has always been a top-spot for honeymooners around the world. So why not a spot to stop when filming?! Those Bachelor gurus might remember Jake’s proposal to Vienna that made viewers just green with envy.

New Zealand:

Oh! Remember how we were all mad at Arie for not sticking with his initial choice and proposal to Becca? Well, Jason Mesnick did it first. But, the location was prime – New Zealand!

Aside from the drama of the Bachelor Season 13’s finale of Jason choosing the wrong girl, we were all treated to stunning, spectacular views of the Southern Alps. Romance or not, this place would make a great lakeside picnic.


One of the most notorious bachelors in history to grace the screen would be Juan Pablo. We all love him at first, but that didn’t last for long. After a while, we all found him irritating and simply tuned in only to see the upcoming travel itinerary – which was amazing by the way!

One of the Bachelor’s Season 18 stops took the contestants to Vietnam, They indulged in local cruise and of course, some moonlit skinny dipping. Come on, it’s all part of the show. But seriously, this season would have been awful if it weren’t for destinations like this.


We all remember Nick Viall. Sadly, it didn’t work out with Vanessa, but some of the dates and destinations were simply to die for. The winter wonderland of Lapland, Finland gave way to the unforgettable destination and date of reindeer views and ice baths. Yes, ice baths in Finland. Weird, we know.

But seriously, check Finland out. There are more than 35 national parks all jam-packed with wildlife, quite the sauna culture (not an ice bath) and the Northern Lights.  


Who could ever forget Rachel and her season?! Peter vs. Bryan was alive and well. While most of us wanted Peter, Bryan stole Ms. Linday’s heart in none other than Rioja, Spain.

Stomp some grapes or visit the scenery from season seven of Game of Thrones! Spain has so much to offer. Run with the bulls, drink some wine or tour the bucket-list city of Barcelona.