Dine With Raccoons At Blind Alley Cafe In Korea

You heard that right. There’s REALLY a place in Korea where you can dine with Raccoons at your table. This unique, quirky spot, Blind Alley Cafe, has been getting quite the attention on social media, so you NEED to check it out before it becomes overly crowded with eager tourists.

Blind Alley Cafe

Here, guests can have a cup of coffee or snack alongside some of the cutest and most precious little bandits. The raccoons are known for keeping good company, love chilling out on chairs and if you’re lucky, maybe even cuddling up on your lap. A few of them have even mastered some little tricks so you’ll never want to stop giving them treats. You can usually tell who does the best tricks by how much extra weight they carry around on their bellies.

Originally, Blind Alley Cafe was a classic cafe in Seoul, South Korea. This changed when the cafe’s owner began to bring in their pet raccoons to the store. Initially, it was just a couple raccoons, but the crowds quickly formed, and little by little more critters have been added to the cafe. Just wait, it gets better. In addition to the adorable raccoons scurrying around the cafe, there are now dogs to keep them company as well. Who doesn’t love dogs?

Blind Alley Raccoon


As a word of caution to those who visit, these raccoons have earned their bandit masks, and are well known for trying to take things from bags and pockets. Watch out, their little hands can grab things, just like humans, and they’ll chew up just about anything.

You’re in luck, too! It’s cheap! All you have to do is buy a drink, sit down and enjoy yourself. Most other cafes, like the famous cat cafes, charge an admission fee just to enter, so Blind Alley Cafe is definitely a bargain. Plus, how many times in your life will you have a chance to play with a raccoon?!