Rent this Private Island and Flex like your Life Depended on It

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your Insta game, you’re in luck. We found a private island, and we’re talking “tan lines optional” secluded, off of Belize’s coast that could be yours, at least for a couple of nights. Think of all the fishing, kayaking and lounging you could do with a private island to yourself!

This little map dot is the perfect place to slip away for a while and let the world pass you by as you live that hidden celebrity retreat life, all without the threat of paparazzi interference. Known as Bird Island and located in a stunning atoll off the banks of Placencia, Belize, the property has been a regular fixture in several travel magazines and blogs, owing to its comfortable quarters and breathtaking views. Airbnb even featured it in its 2016 ad campaign, “Like This, Live There.”

For a cool $495/night, this bright bungalow and the surrounding cabanas sleep six, so there’s enough room for a long romantic weekend away or an epic week of partying with friends.

The island is isolated make no mistake, but you won’t have to compromise on creature comforts. The Robinson Crusoe-themed getaway has A/C, Wi-Fi and a kitchen which make leaving almost unnecessary. There’s even television, not that you’ll need it.

During your stay, you’ll be left to your own devices. Pick up fresh veggies and groceries in the nearest town, 20 minutes away, and fish for the rest right off the end of your private dock. Watch the waves lap on your private beach, let the quiet fill your ears, take advantage of the #nofilterneeded selfies only a private island can give. You’ll also find fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving, swimming and enjoy relaxing on the sun deck.

What are you waiting for? Start perfecting your piña colada recipe, pack your bathing suit (only if you feel like it) and enjoy as many gorgeous sunsets as your newsfeed will allow. Get all the deets from Airbnb here.