Visit Venice Before It’s Gone

The Venetian foods and cultural experiences are waiting for you, but maybe not for long. Venice has the nickname of the “city on the water” because it floats on the Mediterranean Sea, but that nickname may change to “city in hot water” soon.

There is uncertainty for the future of Italy’s capital due to rising sea waters. Consequently, there is an urgency to visit this incredible city on the water. The merchants, history, architecture and of course the beautiful waterfront sites make visiting Venice a trip of a lifetime.

Site See this City on the Sea

Get a Birds Eye View

If you are looking for a good view of the city, look no further than Campanile. An elevator leads to the top of the bell tower which offers an incredible view of Venice. Campanile is the tallest building in Venice and constructed in 912 it is the oldest as well.

Piazza San Marco

The top site seeing places in Venice are located in this plaza. Walk around the courtyard or check out the inside of some of the most famous museums located in the Piazza San Marco. This spot is also the lowest in the city and the first to flood. However, the city of Venice is prepared (for now) with wooden walkways. The locals are not fazed by the flooding and they will most likely wade through the water in the tallest rainboots you’ve ever seen.

Museums Too Good to Miss

Museo Correr

Located in the Piazza San Marco, and named after the Venetian Teodoro Correr, the Museo Correr museum focuses on Venice’s civic history. Teodoro Correr’s dying wish was to give his art collection to the museum. Classical antiques, marble sculptures, paintings, drawings, coins, seals, copperplates, and more fill the museum. Admission to this museum includes an entry to the Doge’s Palace.

Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace, or Palazzo Ducale, is a beautiful contribution of the Piazza San Marco. Made of several small museums, Doge’s Palace’s immaculate architecture adds to the art presented inside. For a time, this was the location of the city’s prison. A visit to this palace is sure to peak some interests and display the culture of Venice while it still stands.

The Gallerie Dell’Accademia

The most, as well as the most important paintings in Venice, are housed in the Gallerie dell’Accademia. This museum has a rich history as the three buildings that make up the Gallerie dell’Accademia where created from Napoleon who took collections from churches that he closed.

Items to “Buy” Before Saying “Bye”


The benefit of being so close to water is that the fishing is incredible. You can find fresh seafood throughout Venice and the city even has a reputation in Italy for having seafood of the highest quality. If seafood is not your choice of cuisine, you are still in luck. Wine, goose, meatballs and of course, Italian bread is some of the delectable foods Venetian cuisine has to offer.


A traditional Venetians’ custom is to have an Aperitivo in the evening. If you visit a bar for a drink, order a Venetian appetizer called Cicchetti. By partaking in Aperitivo, you will experience Venice culture in a delicious way.


There are plenty of chances to shop in Venice. Items like Venetian masks or Italian leather goods are great souvenirs for your trip. The Jewish District in the Venetian Ghetto is full of history as well as markets and bakeries to visit.

Watch from the Water

The Grand Canal

When the roads are literally waterways, why not make the most of the water in Venice? Merchants’ ships are all over this city and travel through the waterways that flow within the center of the city on the Grand Canal. You too can see the Venice via waterway. Water taxis are a way to travel through the city and take in the sites while you float.

Visit off the Coast

While seeing the city from the water, it looks just as beautiful off the coast. One way to explore the fullness of the city is to visit the neighboring islands. Near Venice are three islands; Torcello, Burano and Murano. Each one is famous for their unique characteristics. You will find a beautiful cathedral in Torcello, immaculate lace in Burano, and glass masterpieces in Murano.

Venice is a city that you should not wait to see, as it is worth the “wading” to explore! Let us plan your trip to this sinking city stress-free. Must Do Travels prepares your trip to be an adventure to remember, no lifejacket needed!