Step Outside Your Comfort Zone a Little – Choose Krabi Over Bangkok

At Must Do Travels, we love exploring every inch of the world. And as much as we love traditional travel destinations, occasionally, we like to step out of our comfort zone a little and choose somewhere different. One of our recent favorite places in Thailand is Krabi. It’s a town in the southern section of the country.

Cave in Krabi

Fascinating History of Krabi

If you could step back in time to see what this world looked like thousands of years ago, would you? Well, we understand that isn’t possible, but maybe you can catch a little glimpse of the past when you visit Krabi. According to archaeologists and their discoveries over the years, this area has been inhabited since 25,000 B.C. Back then it was referred to as Ban Thai Samor, many years before the name changed to Krabi.

Elephant rides through the jungle

A Place of Natural Beauty and Adventures

The entire province, which also happens to be named Krabi, is full of natural wonders. You can wander along miles of white sandy beaches or choose a slightly more exotic adventure of climbing to the top of the limestone cliffs. We suggest exploring the jungles for a few hours, as you try to capture a glimpse of the exotic wildlife at the same time.

Spend some time inside the massive caves and at the bottom of rushing waterfalls. Our absolute favorite cave is Suea Khao Kaeo Cave, which is approximately nine kilometers from the town of Krabi. As you are walking through the cave, you’ll want to look closely for the tiger paw impressions that can be found in the rocks. These pawprints are the last memory of the tigers that used to roam around this part of the world.

Night shopping on Walking Street

Shopping in Krabi

This charming town is continuing to meet the needs of every traveler that visits, which is why there are so many different shopping areas available. The town has finished constructing three massive malls and the downtown area is full of stores that sell everyday basic items. In need of something more traditional, no worries there are plenty of markets!

At Must Do Travels though, we prefer to go to both the Krabi Day and Night Markets. The Maharaj Market is by far the busiest market in the entire town and that is because it sells food, clothing, housewares and more. The wholesale part of this market starts early at four o’clock in the morning, although, you may want to wait until about seven before you visit. If you do decide to arrive really early, you’re better off standing to the side, watching the locals work their magic.

The Chao Fah Night Market is the largest ones in the area and we think it’s the perfect place to find authentic and traditional Thai foods.  We recommend arriving as close to five in the evening as you can, to grab a bite to eat and learn about the local cultures and traditions. On the weekend, we suggest a different night market, Walking Street, which can be found behind the Vogue department store downtown. This is the perfect place to find Thai souvenirs, which means you can shop in between bites to eat.

You may still have your heart set on visiting Bangkok, but we know that if you stop at Krabi on your way to that major city, you’ll find yourself so mesmerized that you won’t want to leave. Embrace that feeling and enjoy every moment that you have in this extraordinary town. Next stop, Krabi.