Munich, Germany: Experience So Much More than Oktoberfest

Munich is a city full of rich foods and great beer, but there is so much more in store for the visitors of this town. Being the capital of Bavaria, there are museums, churches, castles, festivals and a thriving nightlife to explore. This article presents some of the most incredible attractions in Munich. With numerous activities and sites, it would take longer than a few weeks to see it all!

Take in Some History and Culture

Marvel at the Museums

Think museums are boring? When in Munich, think again! Munich houses a plethora of museums to experience. Choose from a diverse and unique list of museums to visit in the city. From the inspiring Science and Technology Museum to the transportation exhibits at the Verkehrszentru and, of course, the massive Deutsches Museum, there is truly a museum to welcome any Munich visitor.

Site See

Outside of the interesting museums, Munich has much more to see. The Residenz Royal Palace and the BMW World are popular places to visit due to their fascinating sites. The New City Hall (Neues Rathaus) is a convenient site to see, located in the central square. The many churches and monuments, such as St. Peter’s Church, are stunning displays of Munich’s beauty.

The top of St. Peter’s Church offers a view of the entire city and you may even be able to see the Alps if the sky is clear. Yes, there’s a tower you can climb up. Just be prepared for the number of steps. It’s a doozy, but the view is worth it.

Explore a Castle

Just outside of Madrid lies a handful of remarkable castles to visit. Three of the most famous are the Neuschwanstein Castle, Residenz and Nymphenburg Palace. All of these castles have a fairy tale feeling, but the Neuschwanstein Castle takes the cake when it comes to being whimsical. The Neuschwanstein Castle inspired the design of the famed Disney castle and is surrounded by lakes and trails, granting your wishes of a splendid day trip.

Must Do Activities in Munich

Drink Beer

If you enjoy beer, Munich is the place to partake in a pint or two. There are several beer gardens, but the most famous is Hirschgarten, the world’s largest beer garden. Hirschgarten can host up to 8,000 guests. Some of the most famous visitors to this garden include Mozart and J.F. Kennedy. The cost of visiting the beer gardens in Munich can add up so be prepared for the day’s festivities. Visitors can pack a picnic lunch to cut down some of the cost of the beers enjoyed in the gardens, but the food is also available for purchase.

Indulge in German Food

Here is where the rich foods come in. To accompany your beer (or water which is almost as expensive if not more) try a traditional German pretzel or sausage. Food options are almost endless in Munich. A beer garden or hall is a nice spot for a German sit-down meal. If you are in a hurry, check out some of the food markets, such as Viktualienmarkt. This famous market is just a short walk away from Marienplatz (the city center square).

Join in on the Festivities

While in Munich visiting Marienplatz (city center square) is a must! In the 1100s, this square hosted events such as jousts and executions. No such events are around today, but Marienplatz and the surrounding area of Altstadt have grand displays from street musicians, vendors, mimes and other performers. Munich has a reputation for its great parties, festivals and nightlife. Check out events happening in Munich when you visit and join in on the fun!

When to Visit?

March to May is the best time to visit Munich in order to beat the summer and fall crowds. If you want to experience one of the major festivals in Munich such as Oktoberfest or one of the Christmas markets, then your trip will need to be around the event’s date. Be prepared for cold temperatures and large crowds. The festivities in Munich are worth the little extra preparation and chill.

No matter when you visit, Munich is a destination that offers something for everyone. Keep in mind that traveling should be an extraordinary experience, allow us at Must Do Travels, to take the stress out of your journey. Your adventure awaits!