5 Ways to Beat the Post-Trip Blues

Traveling is one of the most amazing things we as humans have ever come up with. Vacations can be refreshing in so many ways. The only thing we as a society haven’t quite seemed to figure out yet is how to come home and keep that feeling with us. It’s easy to get into a bit of a funk when you have to get back to reality, but the good news is that we at Must Do Travels don’t just know how to go on adventures, we know how to come home, too and we have a few simple tips for you on how to beat those post-vacation blues.

Bring New Habits Home

Morning ritual

So much of what we enjoy about going on vacation are the habits we get into while away from home. You might find that you take more walks or actually get a chance to read, or sometimes you’re introduced to a new custom from a different culture you really enjoy, like the Swedish fika (coffee) or England’s high tea. It’s important to remember those things don’t have to end just because the vacation does. Make it a point to carve out a little time once a day or once a week to revisit that activity, and each time you do it, you’ll be reminded of your time away.


Similar to bringing new habits home, you can bring food back with you, too! We all love to eat local cuisine whenever we’re traveling, but it doesn’t have to stop! When you get back, do some recipe hunting and try and recreate some of your favorite vacation meals at home.

Get Your Nose In On It

The familiar scent of perfume

Scent is one of our most powerful keys to unlocking memories. Before you go on your trip, find a new perfume or cologne you like and be sure to wear it every day of your vacation. When you get home, one spritz of your vacation scent will instantly transport you back, no passport required.

Watch Movies Set In The Locations Of Your Trip

This can be a really fun way to re-immerse yourself in your vacation because now you’ll actually recognize certain places or cultural quirks you wouldn’t have picked up on before your trip. If you’re really feeling fancy, you can even watch it in its original language and use subtitles.

Carve Out Time To Enjoy Being Home

Take time to enjoy your home

On the flip side of things, it can be really exciting to be back in your own home, sleeping in your own bed and not living out of a suitcase. For all of us, there are things we miss from home while we’re away, whether it’s our pets or even just our favorite brand of coffee. Take some time to appreciate what you went without while you were away.

Start Planning Your Next Trip!

When it comes to dating, some say the best way to get over someone is to rebound, right? Well, we think that same philosophy can be applied to travel. Now that you’ve crossed this vacation off your list, where will you go next? Start planning, saving and getting excited for your next adventure!

See? Five simple ways to keep the magic of vacation with you just that much longer. Even if you just do one or two of these things, we’re sure you’ll find yourself perking up in no time!