The Greenest Cities in the World

Get ready to get your green on! You’ll find the following cities are great eco-friendly, green locations, where pioneering city traditions can be appreciated together with outdoor activities.

Tulips in Amsterdam


With a large number of cyclists and free spaces between the channels, it’s not a shock Amsterdam is categorized as part of the greenest cities on earth. Visit the renewed—previously industrial part of Amsterdam—Noord to chill by the water or sightsee countryside landscapes. Noord has developed into an inventive center with galleries, eateries and quirky yards in previous workshops and stores. Explore the frontline EYE Film Museum and the linked teashop, or the Tolhuistuin, which was previously used as a toll house, with a thrilling music scene, a cafeteria and cinema.

Garden outside of castle in Copenhagen


Copenhagen has received several awards for its eco-credentials for many years, which is not surprising. With the wide-ranging cycling substructure and the possibility to swim in pristine port waters in the middle of the city, it’s hard not to be awestruck. Queen Louise’s Bridge is the most demanding cycling course in the West; around 35,000 cyclists use the bridge during rush hour. The clean features of Denmark make it a cool and fashionable destination.

Luxury cottages in Stockholm


Since Stockholm covers a 14-island archipelago, the city’s green credentials are incredibly popular. You can join the residents in their travel and explore the landmasses by commuter boat, or use a kayak for a lively afternoon. The city has developed a reputation for groundbreaking cafeterias utilizing fresh, local ingredients. The nation’s desire for these has given rise to many iconic shopping halls. The most popular ones include Östermalms Sal hall which is situated in Östermalm area, and Söderhallarna sited in Södermalm region.

Beautiful pink flowered trees in Vancouver


Close to the Pacific Ocean and not far from the wild highlands of British Columbia, Vancouver has a natural benefit in the green city rewards. With a commitment to the environment, the city’s renewable energies and hydropower yield very clean air. Likewise, unlike several other North American cities, Vancouver consistently encourages municipal living, meaning its important regions are active with life, stylish bars and eateries. Also, the city has 200 parks where you can take in your lush surroundings a breathe a (clean, clear) sign of relief.

Garden in Singapore


Singapore is widely known for the lustrous skyscrapers present in the city. However, this great city is Asia’s greenest destination. As a small, populated and resourceless landmass, Singapore has created methods to cut back its usage. For inhabitants, rooftop gardens are important traditions in the city. The lengthy Sky Park on top of the Marina Bay Sands complex, along with the infamous infinity pool, is the most popular. Whereas the overwhelming Super Tree installations, which are very tall and located in the Gardens by the Bay, now represents Singapore’s eco-commitment. The city has also formed a 24-kilometer-long High Line parkland comparable to New York’s.

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