Pack Up for Prague, Czech Republic

Well, we’ll just come out and say it! Prague is pretty much one of the most amazing cities in the world. No lie. We’ve seen quite a few and not many leave such an impact as the Czech Republic capital city.

Boy, oh boy, Prague has everything and so much more. Whether it’s the stunning views, its beautiful architecture, deep history, culture, ambiance, nightlife and the affordability, this city stands on its own! It’s legit the Disney for adults. Yeah, we think that nails it.

Whether you have a few days or perhaps a week in Prague, don’t fret, because you can likely accomplish it all in this walkable and majestic city. So, go ahead check it out …

The Charles Bridge at sunrise

Walk Across the Charles Bridge

Walking across this famous bridge is an absolute must for first-time visitors of the city. Yeah, yeah, it may be crowded with tourists, but so be it? I mean, you’re there too, right! The bridge crosses the Vltava river connecting you from Old Town Square to Lesser Town and Prague Castle. Legend has it that construction started in 1357, wrapping up in the 15th century and that King Charles IV laid the first stone himself! Well, ain’t that a bit of history to walk across.

On the bridge, you’ll find many statues, but there’s one that may catch your eye more than others. Or perhaps you’ll see a line people waiting to touch it. Tradition says that if you rub the bronze plaque depicting St John Nepomuk, you’ll one day return to Prague and be blessed with luck. Although, we find it interesting that St John was killed being thrown into the very river the Charles Bridge crosses and resulted in St John’s death. Hmm … But, you should probably still make sure to rub it to cover your bases. Better safe than sorry.

Prague castle complex

Explore Prague Castle

Ok, so Prague Castle isn’t just a castle, it’s an entire castle complex if you will. It dates all the way back to the 9th century and is even the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. This castle has been a seat for the powerful kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors and presidents. Crazy, right?!

There you’ll find a massive cathedral that has not just an interesting history containing many battles of religion and quite a few fires, but an architecture that you just have to see in person. Prague Castle is an ancient symbol and might even be considered the most significant monument in the Czech Republic. So buckle up for a stroll down history lane and get ready to be amazed.

Old Town Square in Prague

Take in Old Town Square

Prague’s Old Town Square is one of the most spectacular squares in Europe. We’ll stand by that statement. And to put it bluntly, it’s probably one of the few squares that are actually shaped like a square. Clock Towers, Statues, monuments, cathedrals and many restaurants to chose from, Old Town Square is most definitely Must Do while in Prague.

The square is magnificent, having seen centuries of history with many of its Gothic buildings dating back to the 14th century. One of those buildings happens to be the Old Town Hall Tower. Yes, you can walk up and see an amazing view of Prague and the square itself. It was constructed in the early 1400’s and sits in the middle of the square. Not to mention, it’s one of Prague’s most identifiable icons, the Astronomical Clock.

Wallenstein Garden near Prague Castle

Stroll the Wallenstein Garden

Don’t worry, it’s not far from the Prague Castle. It’s actually situated near the base of Prague Castle and it’s stunning, to say the least. The garden is home to Wallenstein Palace, a Koi pond and more eye-catching statues. You might even catch a glimpse of a white peacock or two, but it’s probably best not to bother them.

Karlstejn Castle with the European Union and Czech Republic flags flying over it

Hop on the train to Karlstejn Castle

In case you didn’t know, Prague was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire not just once, but twice. Karlstejn Castle was initially built to house and guard the Crown Jewels of the empire and became the summer home for Charles IV.

Head to the Prague train station and grab a ticket to Karlstejn. The Castle is just a little over a 35-minute train ride away. The tour of the castle, sites of the town around it and the countryside you’ll witness while aboard the train are views that simply are unmatched elsewhere.

The graffiti wall of John Lennon

Post up by the John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is a must. If the name itself doesn’t do it justice, the wall and those around it will. Just across the river, yes, that’s across the Charles Bridge, behind a small church sits the John Lennon Wall. Once a normal, bland wall, since the 1980’s has been filled with Lennon-inspired graffiti.

This wall pays homage to the famous singer, poet and Beatle as a living art project. Pay tribute and maybe even leave a mark of your own! Drawing on the wall is encouraged.

Petřín Lookout Tower resembles the Eiffel Tower

Soak up the city at the Petřín Lookout Tower

Yeah, it resembles the Eiffel Tower. The story says that a group of Czech travelers fell in love with the Eiffel Tower so much, they were determined that Prague should have it’s own. The lookout tower was built in 1891 and used as an observation and transmission tower.

Though it may not be as tall as the Eiffel Tower, it sits atop a hill, adding some height to it. Today the tower is a major tourist attraction, providing unbelievable sights of the city of Prague.

Josefov, the Jewish Quarter in Prague

Journey to Josefov (Jewish Quarter)

History to say the least is a huge part of this city. Much of the history has a religious background. Josefov is the famous former Jewish ghetto. It’s dotted with somber reminders of the past. You’ll find weathered tombstones of the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Pinkas Synagogue, now a Holocaust memorial among many other Synagogs, memorials and museums.

The area is known for its tour of the Jewish Quarter, cultural artifacts and kosher restaurants throughout the area. You’re also welcome to stroll up Pařížská Street for upscale designer stores.

Kampa Island center square

Head to Kampa Island

Kampa has been voted as one of the most beautiful city islands in the world. It’s located in the Lesser Town neighborhood within Prague. You can head here for some great views, art and a few surprises even!

Here you can find the Lennon Wall, Lichtenstein Palace and Museum Kampa, among many others. The island of Kampa offers green parks with art and pure culture all about. Not to mention that dog lovers tend to unite here. (AKA … this place is a dog owner/ lover haven).

Yeah, there’s still plenty more to check out. Whether it’s New Town, Dancing House or perhaps the various museums in the city like the Museum of Communism or Midevil Torture Instruments, don’t worry, that’s all possible! Thanks to the easy transportation, walkable distances and the fact the pretty much everyone can speak English or will do their absolute best to help you. It’s all possible in Prague.

So get ready for experiences to last a lifetime. It’s time to pack up for Prague!