How to Make Your Very Own Must Do Travels Video

You’ve seen them. Yep, those scenic videos that are constantly showing up on your Facebook and Instagram feed. They show beautiful shots of crystal clear waters, and lush forests and travel experiences that just give everyone major FOMO. We all wish we could make one, right?! (And, also who wouldn’t want to go to that amazing spot videoed below in Sardinia, Italy?!)

Find Your Style

Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to the videos they take. This can also change based on where you went for your trip. We recommend looking at other adventure videos to draw inspiration from and see what you like! You can find a ton all over social media, and even on our own Facebook and Instagram pages.

Take LOTS of Videos

While you’re on your trip, take as many videos as you can, because trust us, you’ll need all of them. It’s better to have too many videos to choose from, than not enough. So, don’t hold back. The more the merrier!

Submit, Duh!

But, now onto the most important part. It’s time to get your post out into the world! You’re in luck because we have to perfect way for you to get your amazing trip recognized. Whether it’s an exciting montage of your trip with music to back it up or simply a short, ten-second video of something gorgeous you saw, you can submit it to us right here.  Yeah, it’s literally that simple. 

Submitting your video is easy peasy! All you need to do is click that link above. We’ll ask for your email, name and a few small pieces of information about your video. We want to make sure we have all the details about this amazing destination and adventure you checked off your Must Do Travels list.

After those details, you’re good to go. It’s that easy! It takes only a few minutes and you’re adventure video could be considered for our website or social media outlets.

Our Facebook and Instagram pages are already filled with beautiful videos for you to explore! So, if you need some ideas, we got you covered.

Here are some favorites submissions:

Good luck with your film. We can’t wait to see your next adventure!