Travel to Bolivia: The Tibet of the Americas

Bolivia, which sits southwest of Brazil and is considered to be the most “remote” country in the Western hemisphere, has something to offer for almost every traveler: Beautiful landscapes, fun festivals, and unique shopping experiences, but it’s certainly a trip for those who are okay with a more rugged experience. If that’s you, then buckle up, because we are about to pack your itinerary with the best that Bolivia has to offer.

Llamas heard in the national park.
Sup llamas?!

National Parks

Bolivia is rich with National Parks and all of them are worth visiting, each one having something special and unique to offer. The Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean Fauna a vast grassy area that three rare species of flamingo (as well as many other animals) call home, plus the varying landscapes include deserts, lagoons, and radical rock formations. The Torotoro National Park is the perfect place for historians or Jurassic Park fans as it is home to several dinosaur footprints and fossils. If mountains are your thing check out Sajama National Park, which has some of the highest peaks in the country. And these are just three of the dozens of National Parks that Bolivia has to offer!

Salt plains in Bolivia
Holy salt!

Salar De Uyuni

The salt plains in Bolivia are completely worth the photo op, and their vastness is something that simply cannot be appreciated until seen in person. This completely white stretch of land is roughly the size of Belgium, and when it rains, the water that floods the area is so glassy that you’ll start to wonder which way is up. In other words, make sure you have plenty of space left on your camera before you go.

The Valley of the Moon in Bolivia, outside of La Paz.
Neil Armstrong has blessed this.

Valley of the Moon

Space travel might be right around the corner, but in the meantime, you can travel to Bolivia’s Valley of the Moon for an otherworldly experience. These unique rock formations are all that’s left of a mountain made of clay and sandstone after thousands of years of wind and rain have eroded it, and they are amazing. Plus, astronaut Neil Armstrong named them, so you know their moonlike comparison is pretty legit.

Oruro in Bolivia. Street performers.
It’s party time!


Oruro is the home to the world-famous Carnival, a unique festival that occurs on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday. If you’re lucky enough to be in Bolivia at this time, you do not want to miss this. This festival comprises of traditional folk dances, incredible music, art, crazy costumes and almost a full 24 hours of constant partying.

Witches market in Bolivia
It’s shop o’clock.


If shopping is on your list of to-dos, we cannot recommend visiting Bolivia’s street markets enough. La Cancha is the largest market, offering everything from mattresses to locally made jewelry. For more specialty experiences, visit The Witch’s Market, where you can purchase potions and other charms for a myriad of needs, or The Textile Market where you can obtain beautiful, handcrafted fabrics made locally. In other words, there is a market for everyone!

So what do you say? Should we get packing? Ready to book your flights? We recommend visiting any time between May and October, as it is the drier time of year. This is Bolivia’s winter, though, so prepare yourself for chillier desert nights, especially up in the mountains!