5 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Spectacular glaciers, marvelous fjords, and fascinating wildlife – it’s no wonder that Antarctica is considered as one of the top bucket-list holiday destinations in the world.

Standing as the final, untamed frontier of our planet, this icy continent is ripe for discovery – just head south! One expedition is unique from another, as the ever-changing landscape never ceases to amaze. Witness the tranquility of the sea erupt as huge ice shelfs tumble off glaciers, causing huge waves to crash on the beaches as you silently kayak by. Zoom past towering icebergs to the shore by zodiac, to feel like a real explorer as you take your first steps on this remote and simply beautiful land.

Expedition cruises to Antarctica include Aurora Expeditions, GAdventures, Scenic Cruises, Ponant, Silversea and more. Or if you just want to head south, there are loads of cruiselines that sail around Cape Horn and the Strait of Magellan!

Read on to find out why Antarctica should be your next holiday destination.

Reason 1: The Journey

The journey itself to the Antarctic Peninsula is already a treat, as most expeditions start off from the charming city of Ushuaia in Argentina. Located in the southern tip of South America, the city affords some very scenic photo ops, as the local hustle and bustle is set against a backdrop of sun-soaked, snow-capped mountains Here, you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with the locals, discover the local cuisine and culture, perhaps indulge in the lively nightlife, do some last-minute shopping, and prepare for one of the most awe-inspiring adventures of your lifetime.

Reason 2: The Unique Wildlife

For many adventurers, the one thing that makes them consider Antarctica as their next holiday destination is the wildlife. Penguins will win you over with their cuteness and charm. From the popular Adelie species to the king penguins in the Falklands, these fascinating creatures are a delight to watch. If you’re lucky, you may be even able to spot a rare pure black or pure white penguin! You’ll also find leopard seals resting on ice floes, crab-eater seals in colonies, soaring albatross, Arctic terns, and even whales in the waters of South Georgia.

Oh, and don’t worry, there won’t be any polar bears in sight here – they’re all way up north!

Reason 3: The Untouched Environment

Wild and pristine, the continent of Antarctica is one of the most untouched environments on the planet, which makes exploring it all the more exciting. A sense of solitary tranquillity and perfect calm, it’s almost as if the whole continent has a spiritual vibe. Mountains, fjords, and islands etch the landscape, creating a seemingly endless maze of channels as you’re cruising from the calmest seas to its roughest waters. The only people you’ll see are the scientists housed in research bases, studying how the Antarctic climate can impact the ocean movements of the entire planet.

Reason 4: The Activities

Onboard your cruise ship, there are educational discussions about the Antarctic wildlife, photography expertise, and more. Although, in reality, it’s all about being on the ice! Excursions might see you taking a quick dip in icy waters voluntarily – brrrr! Visiting penguins and seals by snowshoe shuffle or trekking to the snowy ascents of the Antarctic Peninsula’s peaks is also an option. Want to lose yourself in the frozen landscape? Remote bays and inlets can be accessed via polar kayaking, where you can have a more personalised encounter with the ice. If that doesn’t satiate your need for adventure, take the ultimate plunge and scuba dive your way to discover a world of ice and unique marine life – you haven’t seen ANYTHING until you dive right into the undersea vastness of the Antarctic. It’s a truly unforgettable experience!

Reason 5: The “Bragging Rights”

Who else can say, “I’ve been to Antarctica and braved the sprawling frozen landscape of the bottom of the earth”?

The Antarctic Peninsula is THE ultimate bucket-list destination for holidays because it is a unique adventure waiting to unfold. Antarctica may be the coldest continent on Earth, but if you brave the temperature and the icy sea crossing, you’ll reap the experience of a lifetime.

During the Antarctic summer, several cruise lines offer adventure cruises aboard ice-strengthened ships. If you’re ready to take the plunge to the wonders of the South Pole, login and search now or speak with our Travel Specialists.

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