Where to Get Away this Memorial Day

So, you’re lounging around the house. You know you’ve got the big Memorial Day Weekend coming up, but you have no idea what you’re gonna do. You know that you need to get out of the house, but where? Well, let me help you. No matter where you’re at in the States, there’s someplace near you doing something cool. Let’s figure out where you’re going.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu Hawaii
Lilo and Stitch did not do you justice, Hawaii.

If you’re looking to get away to a tropical paradise this Memorial Day, then you can’t go wrong with Hawaii. From Hawaii’s beautiful scenic views to a city teaming with life, your family is sure to create some unforgettable memories. While you’re there, be sure to catch the Memorial Day parade on May 27, stop by the Natatorium for a special service on May 28, and participate in the lantern floating ceremony on May 29.

 Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Pier California
A Romantic sunset, long walk on the pier, and rides? Count me in!

So you want to ride the rollercoaster from GTA V? Head over to Santa Monica to make that dream a reality. White, sandy beaches; a charming amusement park atop a busy pier, and lots of tasty restaurants will certainly quench your thirst for entertainment during your time in California. On Memorial’s day, play MAINopoly where the city transforms Main Street into an interactive version of Monopoly. You can trade MAINopoly money in for food, beers, and cocktails. Afterwards, take the walking tour for a chance to win prizes!

Miami, Florida

miami florida skyline
That skyline is clutch.

So, you’ve overcome your fear of crocodiles and you’ve decided to venture to Miami on this Memorial Day? You will not be disappointed. Miami is a place of poppin’ parties and a crazy, but lovable nightlife that will leave you wanting more. Head over to the “Rock the Yacht” party on the 27th for live music, spirits, and food for an unforgettable party experience atop Florida’s glistening ocean. Hit up the Memorial Day BBQ the next morning to cure that hangover and prepare for a day of fun in the sun.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. White House
Truly feeling some American pride rn.

When considering where to spend your time this Memorial Day, Washington D.C. is a no-brainer. Start your weekend with the “Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally” on the 27th. Witness 900,000 riders as they honor the troops in this emotional display of appreciation. End your night with a Memorial Day concert held on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, featuring a number of celebrity performers. Then, head over to the largest Memorial Day parade in the country on May 28th. There are tons of other happenings in D.C. on Memorial Day weekend, but you will just have to head over there yourself to find out.

 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada Eiffel Tower
No, seeing this Eiffel Tower doesn’t count, mom.

Las Vegas, the one place in the world where you can get married at 3AM on a Tuesday by an Elvis impersonator. It’s no question why it would be a destination for some of Memorial Day’s best parties. Head over for endless fun including “Mystere”, Cirque Du Soleil’s first Vegas Production; and a variety of magicians, concerts, and pool parties.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois Skyline

They don’t call it “the windy city” for nothing. You’ll be blown away be all the fun to be had on Memorial Day weekend this year in Chicago. Catch the fireworks at Navy Pier on the 26th, take the “Chicago Brewery Tour and Party Bus” for a cruise around the city, or check out the annual “Summer Camp Music Festival” to witness more than 70 bands preform.

St. Louis, Mississippi

St. Louis Mississippi
Get me on a boat ASAP.

Take a trip to Mississippi to celebrate the beginning of summer and honor our troops. St. Louis is bursting with activities, from the Greek Festival, to the Ribfest. There’s something for everyone here. If you’re feeling artsy, visit “Schalfly’s Art Outside” to witness St. Louis’ best alternative artists and sip some Schalfly beer while you browse the exhibits.

Shelter Island – Long Beach, New York

Shelter Island Long Beach New York
How. Do. I. Get. Here.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and family-oriented Memorial Day celebration, take a trip to the beautiful, serene Shelter Island. Hosting a variety of ceremonies, parades, and even a picnic; Shelter Island will not disappoint this Memorial Day.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

9.Willamette Valley, Oregon
Catch me lounging in the field, being hand-fed grapes!

What better place to spend Memorial Day then in the beautiful wine country of Oregon? On Memorial Day, more than 150 wineries are open for special events. There will be picnics, music, food tasting, and live music. Rosé all day!

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey
I see beach. I’m on my way.

In America’s “Las Vegas of the East”, you can expect to find a myriad of entertainment suitable for people of all ages. Obviously gambling is the favored activity among tourists, but if you’re looking for family-oriented entertainment this Memorial Day, stop off at the boardwalk for food and fun. Teeming with rides, games, and other recreation, you can also witness the annual Beach Ball Drop and watch fireworks to participate in one of the favorite local traditions of the area.


So now the only question is how you’re gonna chose just one place? Well, good news: visit us over at https://www.mustdotravels.com and speak to a trained agent today who can help you decide. Where are you going to go?