Must Do Cruise & Travel for Under 30’s

We get it. Under 30 covers a rather large group and, finding a MUST DO cruise or travel adventure is equally as, if not more diverse. We acknowledge that 18 to thirty-somethings could be fresh out of high-school adventurers, or university-typical “on a gap-year’s” through to early work-forcers and honeymooners, with a significant dose of new parents & littlies mixed in. Which means we’ve got a huge variety of peeps who need a great holiday selection aimed right at under 30’s, only a click away.

Da, da-a-a-a… its Vacation Rewards! We have a holiday that’s just right for you!

First thing, let’s eliminate anything that’s way, waaaaay out of the price range of most. And, if you do have the $$$’s to go on an ultra-luxury holiday jaunt and spending spree – then good for you (no, seriously – give us a call we have some ideal options for you too!). Today’s list, however includes super-fun options where you don’t have to spend, spend, spend – even if you can. So, if, like us, you’re sat squarely in the under-30 nuts & bolts, cheap n cheerful, max experience for min $$’s, holiday fun set – and you know it – then read on!

Let’s break it down:


Okay, time to mention Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Voted Porthole Magazine’s Best Cruise Line for Solo Travelers for 5 years in a row!

Whether you’re taking some me time on a cruise, just happen to be the odd numbered person in a group or think it’s best that you and your buddy get your own rooms (OMG snorer!), And there’s plenty of options to plan your singles cruise holiday.

Let’s just forget the single supp shall we, and go cruising in a well-appointed 100-square foot, designed-for-one cabin. You’ll be locked and loaded with flat-screens, mood lighting, and studio-level lounge access. You’ll also get down with some wild entertainment, eating, drinking & non-stop activities. A real single mingle!

Looking for peeps in your age range? NCL are considered Hawaii specialists, offer cruises throughout the Caribbean & USA, sail through the Mediterranean and recently started their summer seasons down under, here in Australia. Get onboard and you could be exploring spectacular reefs, stay beachfront or go on an island safari, meet the locals and more. If you are interested and single, grab a friend or we dare you to book alone and start your adventure by calling Vacation Rewards® today!



Just not happy unless you get your hands (and the rest of you) down and dirty? Well, cruising doesn’t always mean you have to get all buttoned up and frilly. Instead, strap on your adventure gear and head out to the world with GAdventures!

You have one of the world’s greatest off the wall adventure company – GAdventures ready and waiting to break you out of the regular run of the mill holidays. You’re only young once right – so let’s make the most of it. 18-thirty-something tours are fun-filled, fast-paced and just right for you. These cool, adventure focussed brands feature destinations ranging from UNESCO Machu Picchu, the Galapagos & Alaska to Africa, Asia & the infinite beyond. In fact, GAdventures comes packed to the hilt with paddleboards, kayaks, zodiacs (and more). They share in uncommon small-group experiences that maximises cultural contact, builds insider knowledge and experiences all the must-see must-dos.

Every GAdventures tour shares a common love of adventure, and we know that life-altering experiences come in a variety of flavours – right? Sooo… no matter who you are, what kind of traveller you are, GAdventures (and Vacation Rewards®) have got a holiday (or a dozen) that’ll fit you just right.


Fit & Active

Not looking to spend your days eating in the main dining room and floating in the reflection pool? Not a problem. Royal Caribbean’s ships — Symphony of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas and more— are precisely what you’re looking for.

All are primed for active in-port adventures, from Jet Skiing to horse riding, diving and snorkelling excursions. And while you are onboard surf-lovers, get ready to showcase your skills on a state-of-the-art FlowRider. Go sky-diving. Scale a rock-climbing wall, towering high above the deck. Lace up your ice skates to glide around a beautiful indoor rink or sit back and watch the ice-dancers do their thing – drink please! You’ll find live shows and comedy nights, dance clubs, and if you are adventure inclined, ask about getting scuba certified! You can even take to the sky and zip around the ship, literally, on a maze of zip lines. And, there’s more to discover.

Cruising is definitely for the fit & active – no time to sleep, let’s party!



Fact: Married and old are NOT synonyms. There are still a ton of under thirties who have already (or are about to) tie the knot. Sometimes, you just meet that person and know, right. And if you have, congrats. Let’s set the date and make your vows (BTW Did you know you can have a whole wedding & reception onboard?? Good price too – look into it!).

So, next step honeymoon – take our advice… Head out on one of Windstar Cruises splurge-worthy French Polynesia sailings.

It’s a match made in heaven, (much like the two of you!). A pristine white ship, sails billowing, and the Tahitian islands, so impossibly beautiful it’s like a true paradise. Windstar will spirit you both away to lagoons of clear warm water and white sands that lead you to the discovery of a new underwater world of colorful corals and darting fishes. This is a place that is so easy to love, and too difficult to leave – as so many before have discovered. Come and experience Bora Bora, Moorea, Fakarava, and other exotic Tahiti destinations that you’ve only dreamt about.

This is a cruise 180°degrees from ordinary, where all your senses are indulged and your sense of wonder is awakened. Part of Windstar’s magic is their incredible personal service and included in your cruise fare are all meals in all venues at all times, including room service 24/7, all non-alcoholic beverages, all onboard entertainment, unlimited use of Fitness Centre and all water sports equipment and more. Share your own intimate moments, together, away from the crowds, and immersed in local, exotic cultures, all onboard a sleek, 4-masted sailing yacht where you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel what it’s like to truly sail.

If you are young, in love, and particularly if some parents (or wedding guests) are chipping in – g’head and book this one. Blissful paradise is one call away. Believe me, this is THE ONLY WAY to begin your lives together.


Young Families

So… after you tie the knot and had way too much fun, your coupledom may quickly turn into a three or more-some. If it already has, here are some under-thirty-with-kids alternatives for you. Most will prefer to stick close to home and the somewhat local area – so let’s have a look at the South Pacific, Australia coastal regions and New Zealand – they are all wide open to you.

P&O Cruises, Carnival the FUN ship, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Princess Cruises and more all offer great family packages at any time of the year. Make sure to keep an eye on the local market and look out for bonus options like kids cruise free, discounted 3rd & 4th passengers or bonus onboard credit, drinks packages and more.

Onboard is brilliant – you’ll find ample babysitting and kids clubs to ensure the kids are engaged in “never-care-if-they-ever-see-you-again” fun, and you have some solid options too. Endless adult-exclusive entertainments (including cabarets, game shows, dance parties, comedy acts and more). Laze by the pool, discover the relaxation of the spa, or relive your once unencumbered youth in the adults-only area – including pool, spa and bars. When the kids do put in an appearance, sign up for active excursions like a beachfront horse riding, snorkelling safari’s, even lead the family on a hike up a volcano or be first on a zipline across an island or the ship.

Holidays are so much easier, don’t you think, when all of the big-ticket items are already taken care of… like your onboard accommodation, food (now, who doesn’t love a good buffet!), entertainment, kids club (with bucket loads of fun for the kids, and bonus parent-only free time), there are great destinations already included, and so much more.


Time to Stop Dreaming…

Okay under-thirty cruise and adventure seekers, we have armed you with the knowledge. And while we would all like to do the traveling for you, some journeys must be left to the spirit of one’s soul. Now, go forth with open minds and hearts.

Is it time to stop dreaming and book your next journey or cruise with us? After all, life (and travel) is meant for those who always wander yet are never lost.

Inspired to travel?

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