What’s Your Perfect Tour?

Thinking about going on holiday? There are so many tour options open to todays traveller, that it is sometimes hard to choose. We have made it simpler with our MUST KNOW-MUST DO holiday breakdown. Then, once you know your favorite type of tour you can reach out and we will pinpoint your dream tour. Perfect!

Ready? Here we go…

ESCORTED TOURS: These are our most popular tours and are often conducted by a tour director who takes care of all required services from beginning to end. Often escorted tours will include hotels, flights, transportation, transfers, breakfast, additional meals and sightseeing. WHAT TO EXPECT? Most escorted tours will be to popular destinations and take in as many of the MUST DO sights and experiences that it can pack in to your allotted timeframe (often 7-14 days). Transport via motor-coach or rail is most popular, spending no more than 2 nights in each location. You should find them exciting, fast-paced and with the security of an escort, plus most of the sightseeing is included in the one price.

GUIDED/HOSTED TOURS: Similar to Escorted Tours above, however Guided/Hosted Tours will see you greeted by a local representative – rather than your own personal Tour Director. Typically, you will make your own way to all activities, sights and functions, where a local guide is made available to answer questions or guide you through specific highlights. Although most meals will not be included (often breakfast will be), your accommodation and sightseeing costs usually are included. WHAT TO EXPECT? In other words, you’ll be left to your own devices to explore, fully experience and take in the local cultures and destinations that you visit. This style of touring is ideal for people who want some freedom, yet still have the comfort and security of a guide for added insight in one’s immediate surroundings.

INDEPENDENT VACATIONS: Usually spending 2-3 nights in each location with only a limited number of locations included in the price. As a tour guide is not normally included in an independent experience, there are often hotel hosts and concierge’s available for some handy guidance and direction. A few meals and some sightseeing could be included (often breakfast, although no other main meals). WHAT TO EXPECT? The beauty of an independent tour is that participants are given a lot of free time to explore. They are ideal for independent, savvy travellers looking to set their own pace and chart their own course of daily adventures.

RAIL TOUR: Rail tours offer a unique type of transportation holiday via rail. Typically, iconic engines that are a source of cultural impact and fascination for many – like Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, South Africa’s Blue Train, Europe’s Orient Express or Russia’s Great Siberian Railway. WHAT TO EXPECT? Rail journeys offer access to incomparable views, are often luxurious, offer comfortable easy travel and a one-of-a-kind excitement with the in-depth experience of a hosted or escorted tour.

RIVER CRUISE: A River Cruise is actually a tour conducted onboard a small or medium-sized cruise ship via destinations rivers. While this explanation is short, the experience is epic. Railway or riverboat – these unique trips and definitely MUST DO in every sense of the words.

SMALL SHIP CRUISING: Small ship cruising takes travelers where the big cruise ships simply can’t. Walk in Darwin’s footsteps across the Galapagos Islands, sail into diving spots so remote you could think you are the first to see a loggerhead turtle. Small ships also visit “mainstream” locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean with increased access to maneuver in small coves and channels, small ship cruising makes for more local flavor.

TOUR AND CRUISE: It may be a tour or an independent holiday that teams up with an accompanying cruise. In most instances the added cruise will be at least three nights or more, with average being 7 days. Tours that include a one-day or an overnight cruise are simply considered Escorted Tours.

Do any of these perfect tour types grab you? Do you have a destination in mind? Travel is the best methods to learn and experience the world – time to start making those travel dreams a reality!

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