Let’s Be Real Here, Summer is Made for Travel

We never get too far removed from travel. There are business trips, family visits, weekend getaways and the bi-monthly staycation. All of which enrich our lives and get us through to the next special moment. And let’s not forget about winter break escapes dancing in and around the holidays or those momentous Spring Break excursions that are typically packed with so much fun, you probably need a few days to recover from – at ANY age. So why then do we say summer is made for travel?

But since we’re on the topic, let’s be real honest for a second. Summer is different. It is the time for living brilliantly. And here in the States, there are some really cool ways to explore, reconnect and re-center ourselves, our families and life as a whole.

Don’t look now, though, ‘cause Summer 2018 is approaching fast. And in the name of summer fun, let’s take a look at some tried and true options, and maybe spark some new ideas about how you can get the most of this amazing travel season ahead.

Cruise – Even the Word is Cool

Some “travel day scenery” Departing Sitka, Alaska

Are you a newbie cruiser? Ever think about cruising? The reason we ask is, if you’ve already done it, you already know how amazing a cruise can be. If you haven’t … pay attention.


Now, we’re not pointing the finger to make you feel badly. Rather, we are giving you an open call to action (and adventure). Cruising is a great way to experience an entirely different reality. The fun never stops on board, all the dining hall meals are included and your vacation allows for getting to visit not one place, but several really cool port destinations over a period of a few days, or even a few weeks.

Why go to one spot in the Bahamas when you can explore five? Why go fishing for a week in Ketchikan, Alaska, when you can try deep water, rivers and streams from Ketchikan to Kodiak and beyond?

No matter whether you’re a full-on adrenaline junkie, partier, culinary sleuth, multi-gen family traveler or your interests are all over the map – there is a cruise (scratch that), an endless amount of cruises that will meet your every need and desire and probably introduce you to a few you had no idea existed.

And yes, we can help you find the perfect one, at the perfect price and even book it for you – for less. More about that in a minute ….

Hotels – Get Down and Urban

Hotel Z Rooftop – NYC

“Summer? Hotels,” you ask? Yes and yes. Now, don’t get us wrong. We are not touting a Sleep Inn (no disrespect to Sleep Inn) in the suburbs, at a super-discount with a lame faux pancake breakfast and small rectangular pool, just because the price is right (though, there is definitely a time and a place like aforementioned “family visit”). But summer + hotel, means one thing. Exploration Metropolation (yes, that is a made up word).

Big cities rock during the summer. Except for Phoenix. Don’t go there (then). It is really, really, you-can’t-believe-how-hot-it-is, hot. But just about every other city in the U.S. is fair game in the Summer.

There are river Regattas. Baseball games. There are hot dog carts, and food trucks, and marketplaces, and air-conditioned museums, and bustling nightlife. To get a feel for a city, immerse yourself in it. Stay right in its heart.

In other words, don’t stay in a posh resort at the beach to experience San Diego. Do one, do the other, or do both. But to truly experience the magic of an urban center, stay right at its cultural center. Hear the car horns, let the voices and music rise up from the streets.

Have a few U.S. cities that you’ve always wanted to get to know? Do it. Do it while staying in a hotel. Leave the blinds open and take it all in. Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, Pittsburgh (don’t laugh, the town is incomparably epic), New Orleans.

And just like cruises, we can find you the perfect hotel and, get this, save you remarkably more than anywhere else. Just try us, we’re really, really good at what we do!

Resorts – Destination Sanctuaries

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Some Views Don’t Need to Change for a Week: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

If you’ve read this article, you’re probably already sold on trying a cruise or exploring some really interesting city. Heck, so are we. Those are awesome ways to travel. But let’s not lose sight of one of life’s truly magical experiences. A well-run resort property at a special destination can make for experiences like no other.

And like their sea-bound counterparts, there are options to please myriad traveler-types. Placid pools in enchanting tropical environs and high-action themed all-inclusive retreats that deliver non-stop family fun.  Throw on your plush, white property-provided robe and slippers and saunter through the lobby with your special someone, grab a tap beer from the bartender who’s just arrived to set up and head out to the hot tub and chill with some pelicans before 8am.

Resorts are places to kick back like no other. Head into the spa and don’t bother to book a treatment (or do) and spend the day wading around in their perfectly temperatured reflection pool, getting in and out of saunas and steam baths and drinking cucumber water with your love – until, of course, you lose all sight of what you’re doing, where you are, and why you’d even care to remember. Resorts have everything you want and need, whenever you want them or need them, without ever having to make any effort to acquire said everythings. These special properties are for romance – they’re for letting go. Unwinding. Recharging and reconnecting with self. And resorts are incredibly fuWhat’s more, we can hook you up with some truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime resort experiences – as many times in this lifetime as you’d like us too … for remarkably affordable prices.

Like we said before, we are really good at what we do.

So, what will it be? A cruise adventure? A slick city hotel? A remote resort on the edge of reality? How about a combination? Couple days in a port city and hop onto a ship? What about a little cruise that stops at a legendary port – and just stay a few days on the beach?

Travel is about grasping the greatest aspect of life and hanging on long enough for it to wash over you, leaving behind nothing but a glistening soul and a smile to match. It is about experience. It is about imagination and wonder and expression. There are no wrong answers to how to travel this summer – other than not going at all.

And when you do want to book something, or just look around for some more ideas – let us help you at MustDoTravels.com!