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The Kingdom of Morocco is home to the Berber tribes, and often called “Place where the Sun sets.” The country is situated just South of Spain on the Northwestern tip of the African continent, making it a historically important place in regards to access in and out of the Mediterranean. Because of Morocco’s location, it has traditionally been a hotspot for merchants and trade routes that lead all across African and eventually into the Middle East as well as routes North into Europe.

Perhaps the most widely known city in Morocco is Casablanca, but tourists often travel to Marrakesh, Tangier, Fes, and other places around the country. Spain and France both have long-standing relationships and protected territories within Morocco, but the country has remained an independent nation since its founding back in the year 788. Around this time is when the Arabs seized control of most of Saharan Africa, as well as across the Strait of Gibraltar and into Southern Europe. Because of this, Arabic is the most widely spoken language in Morocco today, in addition to the native Berber tongue.

Hassan Ii Mosque, Casablanca

Where to Go

There are many great cities in Morocco, and it can often be hard to choose where to spend most of your time. Thankfully the country has a reasonably well-connected train system that makes rail transportation between cities rather affordable and convenient.

Chefchaouen (The Blue Pearl of Morocco)

Chefchauen is located in the Northwestern part of Morocco and is most widely known for having many of its buildings and sidewalks painted in various shades of blue. Since Morocco has been renown for its colorful dies and tanneries for centuries, it should be no surprise that they so proudly show it off. The city itself dates back more than 550 years and was founded near the end of the Medieval Age.

During the Summer months, this place is a popular spot for European tourists on holiday, so if you prefer to visit when the streets and hotels are a bit less crowded go outside of the months of June through August. Since the city is located near the Equator, weather can be comfortable almost year-round, especially outside of the peak Summer season.


Fez (Fès) Like the little round hats

Where To Stay

Traveling around Morocco can be relatively inexpensive and rewarding for the right kind of adventurer. While some budget-conscious travelers may opt to stay at Hostels (typically ranging from around $20-$30/night USD in the big cities), others would much rather stay in more contemporary hotel or resort accommodations. Take for example the Riad El Amine Fès located in the ancient city of Fès. You can stay in this luxurious and authentically Moroccan themed hotel for around $150/night. The Junior Suite here will feel like you’re staying in a Palace for nearly the same cost as a standard fare hotel room would cost in the United States.

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For those who are much more budget conscious, and prefer to stay somewhere less expensive, we have hotels in Fés that typically cost as little as $20/night nearly any day of the year. For example, take a look at these available hotels found right near the city center in Fés, Morocco:

Fes Morocco Hotel Deals

What To Eat

Food is quite possibly one of the best reasons to travel to Morocco. Not only is street fare very affordable here, but the flavor and spices used in the cuisine are indicative of the country’s long history as being a gateway on the corridor of the spice trade. Mint Tea is the customary drink of choice when sitting to have a meal, and an entire pot will often cost you only around $1 USD. If you eat on the streets like the locals tend to, you can get a satisfying meal for around $5 USD, but if you prefer to dine in style and be seated in a restaurant for your lunch or dinner plan on spending at least $10 USD per person, or more if you choose some of the fancy dishes. Either way, it should be a culinary experience worth telling your friends about back home, and will likely have you longing for a certain flavor you will struggle to find in your own kitchen cupboards.

Morocco Marketplace

What Not To Do

One thing you may need to be aware of is that alcohol is not often consumed by the locals here, and the pricing on drinks is a bit gouging on tourists considering how cheap everything else can be on the menu. You may also want to refrain from drinking due to the fact that the locals tend to be displeased by those who appear to have consumed alcoholic beverages. So, while it may be perfectly legal to have some alcohol on your trip here, just keep in mind that the local culture abstains from that activity and it’s probably best that you do too to be polite.

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