March Sanity: Awesome March Madness Spots, City by City

You find yourself at a March Madness event. Lucky you (unless you’re just the supportive spouse)! Whether you’re there to fulfill a basketball fans dream or just a b-ball wing person, there are awesome spots to check out between match-ups. So … here they are – awesome madness regionals places to check out during the Madness Regionals, city by city.

Eastern Regionals (Boston, MA) March 23-25

Face it. Boston is Gorgeous.

Since we know you’ll be around the TD Garden, why mince words? Here are a few nearby places to kick back, unwind and enjoy!

Ward 8 – 90 Washington St.
“Sick” Gastropub eats with “wicked” craft cocktails served up at a marble bar. You like apples? You’ll love ‘den apples! Try the salmon or tuna tartare and the steak frites are fab. They have a late night menu that’s perfect for post-game. Skip pretzels and dogs at the game – Ward 8 will make you glad you did.

Boston Public Market – 4 Charles St
Year-round indoor market with scores of vendors selling local produce, fish, gourmet treats & more. This is a great nearby place for a full-on change of scenery with some unbelievable choices, people watching and more.

Also Recommended: Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop, The Paul Revere House, Boston Public Garden

Western Regionals (L.A., CA) March 22-24

Grilled Jellyfish Salad at Triple 8

The games are at the Staples Center, so here are a few local staples (see what we did there?) – to keep you happy in the West’s most ridiculously spread out city.

Triple 8 China Bar- 800 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite A
A distinctive dining experience joining modern Chinese/Cantonese cuisine, sexy signature cocktails and craft beers. What we’re really trying to say is the food is as good as the ambiance so, take the time to book a reservation. It’s close to the Center and worth a visit for sure.

The Grammy Museum – 800 W Olympic Boulevard, Suite A245
Literally, in the same complex as Triple 8,  you’ll find this amazing visitor trap museums. Except it’s in Los Angeles so it’s actually super amazingly badass. Wayyyy better than cheesy Hard Rock type memorabilia displays, you’ll get down with the legends and, when you’re ready, head back to Staples for some more basketball star power. This is a cool place to see.

Also Recommended: L.A. Fashion District, Lucky Strike Bowling, Santa Monica Promenade/Beach

Midwestern Regionals (Omaha, NE) March 23-25

Omaha is all about great steak and down-home midwestern charm. Here are a few options just a few blocks away from the hardwood.
Twisted Fork – 1014 Howard Street
An eclectic grill & bar in Omaha’s historic Old Market that serves American food with a cowboy twist. It blends southern hospitality with cowboy bravado and features menu creations from Executive Chef John Ursick. Think about the menu as comfort food with a ‘twist.’. This awesome spot also boasts a top-notch signature drink menu and martini list and was voted as Omaha’s Best New Restaurant when it opened in 2008.
Old Market – 1000 Howard Street
Literally, the home to Twisted Fork, above – Omaha’s Old Market is actually a unique neighborhood home to some unique hotels, restaurants, shops and more. You’ll find street musicians and entertainers lining cobblestone roads and get a peek at some lovely historic Omaha architecture and homes. Take a carriage ride or just wander around at your leisure. The best of Omaha is all around you.
Also Recommended: Chocolate Abeille, Urban Abbey. Mr. Toad’s Courtyard, The Passageway

Southern Regionals (Atlanta, GA) March 22-24

Atlanta, “Hot”lanta – Call it what you will. But beyond the b-ball tourney, there’s an enormity of amazing things to do in the South’s modern epicenter.

The Park Bar – 150 Walton Street
As good a bourbon selection as we’ve seen for a bar that also serves everything else. And if you need something else in your stomach, Park Bar delivers excellent quality and a few tricks on their rendition of classic American cuisine. Laidback atmosphere with great food and drinks. You should go here … at LEAST once. Yeah, it’s a Must Do. And don’t overlook the cheesy banana boats.

Georgia Aquarium – 225 Baker Street
We didn’t put the Boston Aquarium as a Must Do above – THAT should tell you something about the set up in Georgia. In fact, when you’re Atlanta, you pretty much have to. They have WHALE SHARKS for cryin’ aht lahd (that’s a Pittsburghese pronunciation, FYI)!!!!

Also Recommended: World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, College Football Hall of Fame, Skyview