Must Do Cruises For People Under 30

Deciding On The Right Cruise (If You’re Under 30)

We get it. Under 30 covers a rather large group. If we consider that the under thirties are ladies and gentlemen from 18 to 30, we are looking at fresh out of high-school adventurers and collegiate spring breakers to early work-forcers and honeymooners with even a significant dose of new parents mixed in. And probably some people who feel this way who are in their early thirties. In other words, we’ve got to be heady about these under 30 Must Do Cruises recommendations.

What we did do, is eliminate anything too cost prohibitive. And, if you do have the means to go spend, great on you (seriously). But this list includes super-fun options where you don’t have to – even if you can. I mean, if you’re 29 and sitting on 8,000 thread count Egyptian Cotton beach towels. Or eating tapioca with your shuffleboard squad is what you’re looking for, head straight for those cruise line classics. But, if you’re squarely in the sub-30 wheelhouse and you know it – read on!

Let’s break it down:

New Zealand Cruise


We would be remiss if we didn’t address this category (nor would we be able to live vicariously by tempting you with some delicious options). Okay, time to tout Norwegian Cruise Line. Here you can forget about those dadgum “single supplement fees” for singles taking a double occupancy room. Norwegian’s got your back with these options: Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway.

So, whether its just new or another “new friend for the night” – these tiny 100-square foot designed-for-one cabins are well-appointed. You’ll be locked and loaded with flat-screens, mood lighting, and studio-level lounge access. What’s more, these ships are decked with Nuevo dining and drinking options. That’s a very good thing. You’ll also get down with some wild entertainment & non-stop activities.

And no matter which ship you book, or which voyage (Eastern/Western Caribbean, Bermuda, New York/East Coast, etc.) you’ll be able to find the perfect trip duration. One that packs in tons of folks in your age group. Together, you can try underwater scooters, beachfront Hummer safaris, reef diving and more. If you are interested and single, grab a friend or dare to book alone. These excursions are truly Must Do!

River Rafting


Just not happy unless you get your hands (and the rest of you) dirty? Well, cruise doesn’t always mean you have to get all buttoned up and frilly. Instead, get on your adventure gear and head out with Linblad Expeditions!

This cool Cruise brand features destinations ranging from the Galapagos & Alaska to Baja, California & the infinite beyond. In fact, Linblad’s excursion-style ships come packed to the hilt with paddleboards, kayaks, zodiacs (and more). They take you right to the most remote terrain or surf for open-water adventure. And, your ticket includes a wetsuit and snorkel gear to use throughout the trip.  Linblad even boasts an industry-exclusive partnership with National Geographic (hint, hint). That’s kinda badass in and of itself.

Note: Compared to the other under thirty excursions, Linblad can be on the pricey side. But, you probably guessed that active-world extra. That said, included-in-the-rates excursions are primed for in-shape under thirty-somethings. So go for it. Snorkel with snorkeling hammerheads and kayak UNESCO-protected island chain coastlines in Baja’s Sea of Cortez. If you’re an adventurer do check out Lindblad. You can thank us later.

Fjord Yoga Under 30 Active

Fit & Active:

Not looking to spend your days eating in the main dining room and floating in the reflection pool? Not a problem. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships — Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas — are precisely what you’re looking for.

Showcase your skills on a FlowRider. Scale a towering rock climbing wall. Lace up some ice skates for a beautiful indoor rink. You’ll find live shows, nightclubs, and can get scuba certified.  Heck, you can even zip around the ship, literally, on a maze of zip lines.

Oasis of the Seas sails from easy-to-reach Port Canaveral. You’ll have your choice of year-round, week-long Eastern or Western Caribbean itineraries. All are primed for active in-port adventures, from Jet Skiing to horseback excursions. Allure of the Seas is a Fort Lauderdale-based for year-round Caribbean voyages. Anthem of the Seas does the same, departing from the Jersey Shore! (T-shirt Time, GTL, Yo!)

Honeymoon Cruise


Fact – Married and old are NOT synonyms. There are still a ton of under thirty crowders who tie the knot. Sometimes, you just meet that person and know. And if you have, congratulations. Plan the date. Take your vows. Then, take this advice:

Head out on one of Paul Gauguin’s splurge-worthy French Polynesia sailings.

This experience will be so great, you will pretty much forget about the wedding day.  And you won’t care in the least. This is THE way to begin your lives together. Period.

The line’s 332-passenger ship rocks a retractable watersports marina. It allows energetic new couples to set out windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and even scuba diving. (PADI diving certification can also be obtained on board.) Oh, and for the wild at heart, it should be noted that alcoholic drinks are included in the rates. YASSS! There’s even a complimentary honeymoon package, which includes a special Polynesian blessing ceremony and in-room Champagne.

Are you hearing the Marvin Gaye? “Let’s get it …”

Look, the itinerary isn’t complicated. If you are on a Paul Gauguin ship, you are headed to French Polynesia, Fiji … the South Pacific. We’d tell you more, but all the options are “sofa king” good, it really doesn’t matter. If you are young, in love, and particularly if some parents are chipping in – g’head and book this one. The only thing you’ll regret is ever having to return.

Disney Cruise

Young Families:

If you did tie the knot and had too much fun in the South Pacific, your coupledom can quickly turn to three or more. If it already has, we have some under-thirty-with-kids alternatives for you. Here’s a six letter word you are going to have to get familiar with:  D.I.S.N.E.Y.

There, we said it. And you know what, it is great advice. Nobody caters to kids better than the magic kingdom folk. And these Disney Ship designers thought about EVERYBODY and did it right. Here you will find ample onboard babysitting and kids clubs. PLUS, you’ll find endless adult-exclusive entertainment (game shows, dance parties, comedy acts). The restaurants and nightlife districts are electric with excitement (like “The District” aboard Disney Dream or “Europa” on Disney Fantasy).

And while the kids are engaged in never-care-if-they-see-you-again fun, you have some solid options. You can relive your unencumbered youth with a luxurious adults-only pool area and sun deck. These areas are equipped with award-winning bars, cafes and convenient Jacuzzis tucked virtually everywhere.

And the best part, Disney’s fleet sails anywhere from Europe and Mexico to the Bahamas, Caribbean and even Alaska. Sign up for active excursions like a beachfront horseback ride in Los Cabos. Surf the idyllic waves of San Juan. Lead the fam bam on a volcanic hike in Santorini.  Or, simply stretch out on one of the cruise line’s private, adults-only Bahamian island beach Serenity Bay (on Castaway Cay).

Good News from Must Do Travels

Okay under-thirty cruise seekers, we have armed you with knowledge. And while we would like to do the traveling FOR you, some journeys must be left to the spirit of the soul. Go forth, armed with open minds and hearts.

Oh, and do let us know if you need some extra company. There are always Must Do staffers looking for something cool to write about.

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