The 5 Most Underrated Cruise Experiences

Long time cruisers do a fantastic job at convincing us that the ports of call are the only Must Dos while cruising.  But many modern ships have become destinations unto themselves. In fact, many are booking voyages based upon the ships themselves, rather than the itineraries. That’s why we’ve complied a list of the 5 Most Underrated Cruise Experiences … See, helping YOU is what we do.

Outside Cabins

Cruise Balcony Cabin

Wedged between the value of an inside cabin and the perks of a balcony, outside (ocean-view) cabins are often overlooked. They let you avoid the financial leap from an inside to a veranda, plus serve up a welcomed dose of daylight in the process — two wins in our opinion.

Skipping a Port of Call

Norwegian Jade Hallway

There are few things better than having an entire ship to yourself. Empty pools. Line-free water parks. Open cabanas. On deck reading with the wind rustling your hair. We would never advise against exploring in port or experiencing a new destination. But if you’ve been there a few times already. Or, the weather is less than ideal. These circumstances should remind you of a different opportunity to play while a few hundred or even thousands of your shipmates vanish. Enjoy the bartender’s full attention. Be first in line at the most popular onboard attraction. And enjoy the spa for less with port day discounts!

The Main Dining Room

Cruise Main Dining

In an age of alternative restaurants and added-fee venues, how much of a dent does food put into your budget? Amazingly enough, every cruise ship offers a place where you can have a proper sit-down meal and order as many portions as you’d like. All of them at no cost. What? What is this wondrous place, you ask? The main dining room, of course!

Despite increased options to indulge at celebrity chef-run restaurants. Or the temptation of trendy a la carte eateries, the flexibility and friendly atmosphere of the main dining room (or MDR) is a wonderful option for families. What’s more, it’s so classic & cool. Feel like an appetizer for your entree? Want to sample all three desserts? Staff in the MDR are always accommodating (sometimes overly so) and will make every effort to get to know you if you are at the same table each night.

Plan Your OWN Shore Excursion

Ha Long Bay Kayak Excursion

How many times have you jumped on an expensive, ship-sponsored or tour-operated shore excursion? And among those, how many have seen you come back feeling a bit disappointed. Not to knock organized shore tours. Some are truly amazing. But, let’s be honest … even those come off as they are. In other words, they’re highly organized, precisely scheduled, and often times without any free time or wiggle room to explore. You may wish you went for a stroll in the town.

Doing Nothing

Cruise Couple

Skydiving simulators. Virtual reality race car rides. Ziplines. Wine blending sessions. All of these have been brought to sea. Running around the ship on sea days to squeeze in every new attraction has become the norm. It seems that keeping it simple has become underappreciated.

Rethink the simple life. Find a nook on the sun deck. Gaze into the open ocean. Relax at any of your favorite onboard hideouts. Some American river cruises offer rocking chairs on the deck. Why not just enjoying a gentle breeze while taking in the scenery? Even if you’re an adrenaline junkie, be sure to stop from time to time – and deeply inhale the rejuvenating, salty air.

One More Tip

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