How to Save with a Package Holiday?

What you want. How you want it. And when you need it. Let’s face it, holiday packages have some great benefits including the number one factor looked for in any holiday – value for money. So, how do you save with a package holiday? Apart from great value for money, packages will save you time and effort, are relatively safe, oftentimes flexible with their options and have been created with the most popular and requested destinations, sights and experiences in mind. How can you lose?!

So, the question would be, do you go with a bundled up holiday that has all of your flights, tours, cruises and accommodation already included in the one price? Or do you take time out to book each one separately, with all the research into each destination, sightseeing opportunity and experiences? How much is your time worth? Good question… we think we know the answer – do you? Let’s look over the 6 top holiday package benefits and then you decide.

1 Value for Money

This is one of the top considerations by most people when looking for any holiday. All-inclusive packages are created to maximise your experiences, factor in any possible discounts and perks, take you to where everyone wants to go, and show you what everyone wants to see. They are kind of generic by nature, however many of the inclusions can be varied to create a more personalised package.

When you get down to it, the nitty gritty details have already been bundled together to suit most holiday makers. The sometimes confusing mix of cruises, hotels, tours, flights, hotels and more are already sorted with minimum effort on your part, which is just perfect! And, for the budget conscious it’s ideal, because you already know exactly how much your holiday will cost you ahead of time (minus any souvenirs or extra spending money) – so you’re all set to go.

Sure, you can do it yourself. And you might even source one of the package components a little cheaper (maybe). The simple convenience of a holiday package already good to go and already including savings across the board, over booking each element separately. The time alone that it’s going to take you to research where to go, what to do there, the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest when including extras!)… honestly, a package is going to get you more bang for your buck in the long run!

2 Time Saved

It’s a big world out there! For most of us the seemingly never ending choices online can make your head spin. Do you know where you want to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to do there, the best sightseeing, great value hotels and tours, potential off-the-beaten track experiences…?

With extensive industry knowledge, access to incredible offers and more, our Travel Solutions Specialists combine this with their own personal travel experiences, and it’s a snap to create any all-in-one package holiday.

3 Stress & Worry Free

One phone call and your holiday can be all sorted – transfers/connections, flights, upgrades, stopovers, hotels, tours, cruises, travel insurance, rental cars, sightseeing, cultural experiences, food and drink, theme parks, excursions and more taken care of. By a professional. For your destination. At your preferred time. With all the big (and little) details taken care of. Now, how easy was that?!

4 Safety Solutions

Being on a package holiday you are likely to be heading to the more popular, technically “safer” destinations. It is highly unlikely that a package deal you will see you heading into countries listed with a high alert.

You also have a greater possibility of travelling with the same companions from whoa to go, accompanied by a tour guide and driver. With new friends surrounding you when going sightseeing or to dinner you can feel that more secure when travelling. A package deal may be the best way to go if you have never visited a destination, are unsure about travelling solo or are not a seasoned traveler (actually, even if you are!)

5 What’s Included

Inclusions within a package deal could range from 5-star luxury hotels, restaurants, cocktails, sightseeing, sporting events, musical events, Broadway shows through to tours, cruises, day trips, city tours, spa health and wellness, spiritual retreats, water skiing, trekking, mountain climbing, to gorilla spotting and the list goes on. Work with your Travel Solutions Specialist to customize your holiday with whatever floats your boat!

 6 Flexibility

I’ll let you in on a little secret – there’s sometimes a little wiggle room in any holiday package. Remember though, it may cost you extra to change an existing package – you will have to weigh up if it’s worth it to achieve that holiday nirvana. Different airline? Need to be at your in-laws on a specific day? Dates have changed and need to adjust your booking? Want to extend or add a stopover? You want to change a romance package into a family package… the list is endless, however so are the possibilities! So, when one size does not fit all chat with Vacation Rewards to start planning your next holiday. Then only thing left is to pack and go.

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    go with a bundled up holiday that has all of your flights, tours, cruises and accommodation already included in the one price

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