Once-in-a-Lifetime, Spontaneous Holiday Deals (Perfect to Escape In-Laws)

Look. We get it. In-laws, in some cases can be a bane on Holiday cheer (there are those among us at MDT that can commiserate). That said, one thing that nobody will do is stand in the way of some young turks on a spur of the moment “Once In A Lifetime” excursion (ergo, holiday deal, travel-style that you MUST DO). See, even crappy in-laws won’t contest because your good fortune can be repositioned to make them look good. That’s fine as you’ll be experiencing a once in a lifetime spontaneous holiday, just with those dearest. And if you are part of the fortunate that love your in-laws, take ’em along.

Wait, what? You say that you’re worried about plane fare? That’s fair. We worry about that too. But because we know most of our audience and members are split between Europe and then the U.S. & Canada (basically the Eastern and Western Hemisphere) – we found scorching, spontaneous holiday locations convenient to both. That’s not to say that if you’d prefer to check out the overseas destination that we’d stand in your way. After all, we are all about you doing what you want!

So here are your two spontaneous, super-discounted holiday deals. One in Europe, One in the U.S. … You’re welcome!:

Torgon, Switzerland – Spontaneous Holiday Deal (Europe)

Your Hotel in Torgon
Your Hotel in Torgon

Welcome to an uncommonly perfect deal, right in the Swiss-French region of Portes du Soleil. The town is Torgon. It is a place rich with charm, steeped in relaxation and also boasts some of the greatest skiing in the world. The dining is second-to-none and visitors will feast equally on the resplendent views of Lake Geneva, Dents du Midi and the Mont-Blanc.

The Deal

You’ll stay at the Les Cretes-Euroloisirs from December 23-30. There you will have a spectacular view in a studio-sized room with a partial kitchen (other room types available). And get this – you’ll be spending a paltry $49.86 per night. To make it happen, just sign up as a member (if you aren’t already) at Must Do Travels – (just $5 per/mo). Or, if you already are, you know you can search and book online or contact one of our FREE agents to assist you.


Bear Lake, Utah – Spontaneous Holiday Deal (U.S.)

Beaver Mountain
Beaver Mountain Slopes – Minutes from Resort at Bear Lake

Incomparable lakeside peace, relaxation and tranquility just a shuttle ride down the road from legendary Utah skiing. The views are breathtaking, the town is quaint and charming and there are boundless activities for family membetrs of all ages. Sound expensive? Forget about how it sounds. Why? Because as a Must Do Travels member (just a 5-spot a month) you can book this once-in-a-lifetime holiday escape for next to nothing.

The Deal

You will stay at The Resort at Bear Lake, nestled conveniently along the banks of over 20 miles of crystal clear lake. Every unit comes with a view, a full kitchen and fireplace. And you will love the year ’round jacuzzi and sauna. Oh, and the other thing you’ll love? The price. The deal runs from December 18-25. The room accommodates six guests and it will only cost you $49.86 p/night. In other words, the whole week is yours for $349.oo. How’s THAT for a happy holiday?

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And don’t forget to tell your in-laws we said, “Ciao!”