10 Best White Christmas Destinations on Planet Earth

If you’re anything like us at Must Do Travels and headquartered in a place like Scottsdale, you can dream about a white Christmas. That said, that’s about as close as you are going to get. Unless you DO something about it. And if left up to us, if you haven’t sought a truly magnificent White Christmas (and you haven’t dumped your budget on knick-knacks already) … Make the presents an actual JOURNEY to one of the Ten Best White Christmas Destinations on Planet Earth!

Not sure where to go, that’s why we’re here! And, yes, we can get you there more inexpensively than anyone else on Planet Earth as well (details at the bottom, as always). So, here are all 10 of the globe’s best White Christmas destinatons (in no particular order):

Quebec City, Canada


Quebec is uniquely European for a North American city. What’s more, it is known for its heavy December snowfall flakes. There’s never a guarantee, but ask locals what was the last time there wasn’t snow on Christmas, they won’t be able to recall.

Quebec City is romantic. It’s ambience is quaint for a city, featuring brightly colored buildings and charming cobbled streets. Christmas time with the sweet sound of French hanging in the air is so delightful. Not sure where it is? Just a few hours from Montreal. And if you aren’t sure where THAT is, there’s google. Heck, we already KNOW you’re on the internet.

Lapland, Finland

Santa's Lapland Digs
Santa’s Lapland Digs

Why Lapland? Because, it’s close enough for Santa to commute to his factory. In fact, according to Finnish lore, the big man himself actually LIVES in Rovaniemi, a Lapland town! Can you meet HIM, you ask? We told you he lives there, didn’t we? So yes, you can meet him. You can pet the local reindeer, take sleigh rides and enjoy everything you would imagine that would be a part of Santa’s home town.

In Lapland, you are IN the Arctic Circle so snow is highly likely and what’s more, its a magical place where you’ll likely get a glimpse or two of the Northern Lights.

Christmas Eve in Reykjavik #toldyouso
Christmas Eve in Reykjavik #toldyouso


Will it snow in Reykjavik? Well, considering the average nightly temperature there in December is around -2℃ … we like your chances. However, the occasional windy gust insists that you bring some warm clothing. Enough about the weather, though. Iceland is unbelievably beautiful and to take a trip here for Christmas is absolutely life-changing. We are there right now in our heads. Sipping whiskey by a fire. Big fur-lined hoods. Snow covered pines out the frosted windows. Perfect.

Must Do. Must Book. Hot springs outside, their medicinal fog rising skyward into a crystalline star-filled sky …

Salzburg, Austria for a GOT Christmas
Salzburg, Austria for a GOT Christmas


The Ghost (and tourists) of Christmas Past always seemed to make Vienna more of a holiday thing. That’s good news for you Must Do Travelers. The crowds still flock to Vienna for an experience that isn’t quite up to par with what’s going on down the way in Salzburg. This town is about as Christmassy as it comes. It is the place from which Mozart hails. The location where they filmed the Sound of Music. And its is a stunning landscape where you can find some of the best Christmas Light displays in the World – some of which are conveniently located in the town’s main squares. And there is just tons of snow here. You can’t go wrong here. And if you also like to ski, welcome to Heaven. Be sure to punch your lift ticket.

Budapest, Hungary

Christmas in Budapest
Christmas in Budapest

Does it snow in Budapest? Let’s just say when it comes to Christmas snow, Budapest da best … Here you will find an unorthodox but tremendously fulfilling Christmas time. Thermal baths and an extraordinary night life will fill your soul with glee. Ride down the Danube, skate at Budapest City’s outdoor rink or stroll the seemingly endless holiday marketplace. You will fall in love with the city and you will fall in love with the moment. And your partner will love you for what you did.

Tromsø, Norway

A Holly Jolly Tromso
A Holly Jolly Tromso

No, of course the “o” inTromsø counts. It only has a line through it because it is written in Norwegian. (Okay, lame joke.) Nevertheless, like Lapland, Finland, this White Christmas destination is well north of the Arctic Circle making snow on the holiday, pretty much an inevitability.

Consider this for a second – Tromso is the northern most town ON EARTH. Numero Uno. The pinnacle. The Ultimate in real Christmasing. And it’s truly charming. Colorful buildings and a bustling population of 50,000 plus makes for a cityscape that’s easy to tromp around in boots. What’s more, you can fly there. You can CRUISE there or even take a bus from more southerly Norway cities.

New York City, USA

Central Park on a Snowy Christmas Eve
Central Park on a Snowy Christmas Eve

If you’ve Christmased here, you’ve Christmased, EVERYWHEREEEEE!!!!

We have shared many amazing Xmas destinations with you, so far. But there is something about the Big Apple that make the Christmas holiday, really the whole season, absolutely magical. The movies they’ve made that have featured it are too many to count. The light displays. Central Park. Shopping. Cheer. This is one of the most special places, at its most special time on this, the third rock from our Sun.

It’s not too late. Make this trip. You won’t regret it.

Moscow, Russia

Christmas Fair in Red Square
Christmas Fair in Red Square

If you look up “December Snowfall” on Google, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a couple Moscow references on the first page. That said, the city is not exactly WARM this time of year. Then again, that’s NOT why you’d be visiting. Instead, you’ll be swept away in the dazzling charm of the Christmas Market in Red Square. Then, just a few blocks away at Manezh Square – you will melt away into the fairytale land of the Journey into Christmas Festival. It’s traditional Russian Christmas like nowhere else and it also includes one of the World’s most incredible New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is Christmas Town
Tallinn is Christmas Town

If you’re thinking. “Isn’t that where Pauley Shore told everybody Brendan Frasier’s reanimated caveman character in Encino Man was from?” Well, then we should talk offline because it is obvious your priorities are well in check. That said, regardless of Brendan Frasier’s character’s faux country of origin was said to be.

As for your forthcoming Christmas visit, you are in for an Estonian treat. Stay in Old Town Tallinn for a truly unique medieval-style Christmas. Super old world – super amazing. Oh, and we’ll let you in on another secret – the food and drink is known for being both incredibly good AND incredibly cheap compared to pretty much the rest of Europe.

Japan’s Alps

Traditonal Japanese Alps Village
Traditional Japanese Alps Village

You may not have known that the Japanese Alps exist. But trust us, they are a bonafide thing. And we get that Japan may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Christmas. But not on this day. Exploring the unknown is who we are at Must Do Travels (well, at least part of it). And keep in mind, Japan’s Alps are a TOP winter destination for Australians seeking deep snow and beautiful mountains. Looking to try something different? Christmas in the Japanese Alps certainly qualifies.

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