Puerto Rico is Back! 10 Reasons this is Good News

It is no secret that hurricane Irma left a lot of destruction in its path. In Puerto Rico, it really disrupted power to an extent the island has never seen before. However, their speedy recovery serves as a testament to its people. Puerto Rico is back, fully functional and ready to show the world how amazing they are, all over again. Here are just ten reasons why this is not just good news, but ultra good news to you!

Puerto Rico is Back & Cheaper Than Ever

Puerto Rico Chill
Puerto Rico Chill, Resort-Style

Top resorts and their management realize travelers might be concerned about post-hurricane travel to the island. And while saying everything is okay, travelers naturally feel more comfortable by risking less money. By reducing rates now, and easing visitors concerns on price-point initially – the island is strategically setting itself up for long-term success.

In other words, even though its high season – you will NEVER get better prices than you can right now. Never ever. Don’t believe us? Check out our club site. You will not believe how low prices are right now. And, you can take our word for it. Everything is back, in place, looking good and ready to go!

Yes. Airfare is super cheap these days, too.

You Don’t Need a Passport

passportFor those of you who never knew, forgot or do better when someone reminds you, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. That means that unlike other tropical destinations (other than the glorious State of Hawaii), you only need your driver’s license to enter. Sure, they’ll take a passport too, but you don’t NEED one if you’re a U.S. resident. Cool, huh? That means (hint hint) you can book today and leave tomorrow – no passport pictures, costs or waits necessary. It’s a snap your fingers escape to paradise.

Customs Shmustoms

Going through customs is annoying, and that’s us being nice. Declaring your purpose, how long you plan to stay, strangers rifling (bad word choice, but clever) through your bags and waiting in lines to do so are just a few reasons why passing through customs, well, sucks …

Look, there are tons of places that require it, but Puerto Rico isn’t one of them – not if you live in the 50 States. Again, this is another reason why Puerto Rico is such a sensational, low effort escape.

Currency Exchange – NOT!!!!!

U.S. Currency
U.S. Currency

The U.S. dollar is fairly usable throughout the Caribbean but here in Puerto Rico, its the actual currency. So, forget worrying about currency conversion rates, what each funny colored paper is worth, or trying to figure out what to tip someone so you’re not buying them a new home or insulting them with less than they deserve. You don’t appreciate this kind of thing until you think about it – so there, now you’re thinking about it. You’re welcome!

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Idyllic Puerto Rico Beach
Idyllic Puerto Rico Beach

The beaches in Puerto Rico are beautiful. They are pristine. They are sprawling. And there are beaches that are perfect for different activities. So whether you are into sunbathing, surfing, power sports, snorkeling, scuba or hanging out with sea turtles (okay, who isn’t) there’s a Puerto Rico beach that is dying to meet you. There’s Culebra (that’s one of the turtle ones), San Juan (rich history), Vieques (bioluminescent bay & secluded spots), Flamenco (for snorkeling), just to name a few. You could literally make an entire vacation (or two, or three – you get the idea) of checking out the island’s magnificent and diverse beaches.

El Yunque (It’s a place, not a put-down)

El Yunque
El Yunque

The only tropical rain forest in the U.S. National Forest System, El Yunque is a true jungle with lush foliage, waterfalls and rivers. In fact, our good friend Chris Wille (Chief of Sustainable Agriculture for the Rainforest Alliance), calls El Yunque, “A full-on rain forest experience. It has a glorious variety of ecosystems, from the towering canopy forest in the lower parts to the highland elfin forest with its bonsai-like plants.”

What we like most about what he said is, “elfin.” While we can’t promise jungle elves, we can’t 100% declare that we know enough to be able to definitively say you won’t see any. So, there’s a jungle with the potential (albeit small) for seeing ELVES! Besides, the forest is impressive. It lies on the slopes of of the Sierra de Luquillo Mountains and covers 28,000 acres. That makes it the largest block of public land in Puerto Rico. It gets 200 inches of rainfall a year. That’s nearly 17 feet of rain!

Bioluminescent Bay

Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island, PR
Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island, PR

Did you catch it, up top, when we dropped in that line about a bioluminescent bay, in the beach section? You didn’t think we’d let THAT do, did you? Good, because we would never. What’s more, it’s true! Puerto Rico is home to not one, but two, separate bioluminescent bays. There’s the bay near Fajardo, which is great for kayaking and then, there’s Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island, tucked along the Caribbean coast. Visiting either one or both of these attractions are well worth it. It’s kind of like visiting Avatar (without the giant, six-legged panther thing chasing you).


Hawksbill Turtle, Calebra
Hawksbill Turtle, Culebra

Not only is it fun to say, Tortuga is the Spanish word for turtle. And in Culebra, in and around Flamenco Beach, the locals are no strangers to sharing sand with these beautiful shelled wonders. Here you can find Leatherback, Hawksbill, Green Turtles and the Loggerhead. What’s more the Hawksbill and Leatherback are critically endangered, but rest easy – as all the surrounding coastal waters here are protected habitats. Here’s to hoping our gentle friends can make a strong comeback.

If you want to spend some time with them, you can charter a tour – or just spend some time in the water around the beach! There’s nothing quite like spending some quality time with some representatives of the longest-living specie on Earth.

Go Forth

Puerto Rico is back. It is amazing. And it is back on track and eager to welcome back tourists. Resorts are ready to go and prices are at an all time low! Take this opportunity to make this season a tropical one, at one of the United States’ most tropical getaways. You have nothing to lose but the cold weather blues.

Visit us at VacationRewards.com to make it happen better (and for MUCH LESS) than you can anywhere else – guaranteed!