5 Reasons Why Cruising Is The Perfect Multi-Generational Family Vacation

Never have we seen a time more centered around sharing than now. What’s more, this sharing culture has done wonders to bring families closer together. But social media is only the beginning. Among today’s better-connected families, we see a growing desire to create shared memories.

And if what we say is true, then what’s the best way to do it?

At Must Do Travels, we have one clear answer. The family that cruises together, has the best time. Here’s why:

We’ve been there …

Trying to get families together – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, children, is not always easy to do. Okay, let’s just say it’s NOT easy. Just ask anyone who’s tried to get a large group with differing budgets, tastes and ages to agree on details like:

  • accommodations
  • dining
  • activities
  • getting our drift?

The good news is, there is one perfect answer to this ages-old dilemma. It is the he multi-generational cruise.

That’s right – no matter the Cruise Line or which exciting ports-of-call await, the multigenerational vacation cruise delivers endless options. And it doesn’t matter if your crew is made up of 7s, 17s, 37s, or 70s! In fact, there are so many ways to customize your experience, you can literally make the ship your personal family paradise.

You see, multi-generational cruises are not a new thing. In fact, they’re getting so popular that cruise lines are building our entire voyages to serve multi-gen groups. So, just sit back, relax and absorb just some of the great reasons to book:

Reason 1: Affordability

Cruise is more affordable
Extra Cash in Hand

If everything about a family resort vacation and a family cruise were equal, the cruise would win every time (by leaps and bounds) based on price alone.

Of course, multi-generational cruises are superior to their fixed-destination counterparts in so many ways critical ways, but let’s just focus on value to get started. With a multi-generational cruise, the entire family gets to enjoy luxurious rooms, endless shows, entertainment, multiple destinations and amazing food for prices beginning at rates as low as $49 per person, per day. Go to a family-friendly resort – it would be hard to feed the 8-year old breakfast, lunch, and dinner for that price.

Do you want some really good news? The affordable price of multi-generational cruises is just the beginning.


Reason 2: All Inclusive. All Inclusive. All Inclusive!

all inclusive
All Inclusive – An Undeniably Huge Benefit

You hear the term “all inclusive,” all the time.

It should be said that there can be some subtle difference from cruise line to cruise line, typically regarding travel to and from the ship and  whether alcoholic beverages are included. Beyond those subtleties, cruisers of all ages are treated to at least all three meals. And it doesn’t stop there. You will also enjoy on-board entertainment like movies, shows, kids camps, and other forms of recreational activities like tours, on-board water-parks, sports, and gym access too.

Are they available to those guests who choose not to explore a port of call?

Absolutely! If Grandmother and granddaughter decide they want to hang out all day on the promenade deck, they’ll have all the lemonade, water-slide runs, and meals they can handle.

In other words, if you are on-board, you are taken care of.


Reason 3: Cruising is EASY

baggage porter
THIS is included, too!

Imagine, just for a moment, traveling (without a cruise ship) to multiple destinations with your crew. By crew, we mean your spouse, children & entire extended family in tow.

You would drive to the airport and then catch a connecting flight. Then the whole crew would need to find transportation. Then, you’d all have to arrive at your first destination, check in, then unpack … By the time you relaxed into the environment in a day. It would be nearly time to go. Then you’d have to pack again, and repeat. While there would be some fun moments, the drawbacks would outweigh them. Each progressive destination would increase stress, and gradually become more exhausting.

That scenario just isn’t the case with cruises. In fact, they may very well be the ONLY way to experience all the benefits of multi-generational travel, without any of the drawbacks.

In other words, you get everything you want – the whole family, multiple destinations, fun for everyone, plus endless bonding time – without having to do anything tedious or out of the ordinary to get to the good parts. You pack once, you go, you arrive – the rest of your time is spent having fun.


Reason 4: Something for Everyone

something for everyone
Certainly something for everybody

Cruises target families, and they do so through amazing entertainment options. Most every large ship offers a bounty of amazing activities on sea days and in the evenings – what better way to bond and enjoy each-others’ company?

And when you talk entertainment, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve experienced cruise entertainment. There are: Movies, Water Parks,Bowling Alleys, Food Courts, Kids Camps, Dance Clubs, Comedy Clubs, Magic, Casions, Mini Golf, Acquariums, Movie Theaters, Ship Tours, Arcades, Sea Life

And those are just options that exist in addition to the amazing port-of-call adventures and experiences that really are the true jewels of your voyage!

On a cruise there isn’t just something for all ages, there is just about anything for any age – whenever you want to do it. What’s more, your family members can pick and choose what they want to do, individually, and what you would all like to do together. There simply isn’t anything else in the world, quite like it – or better suited for multi-generational fun.

And after the fun, you still have your family there with you!

There is no other experience that allows you to rise with family, share meals, go on adventures, give good night hugs, and then, see them all again in the morning – just in time for bacon and eggs. It’s quite common for families who cruise together – to do so more than once. Be engaged, stay engaged, and bond like never before.


Reason 5: Multiple Destinations

Multiple Destinations are Perfect for Family Vacations
Multiple Destinations with Each Sailing

Most vacations revolve around exploring just one destination. Maybe the entire family spends a week at the seashore … Or, perhaps they hang out at a cabin by a lake? Those are absolutely wonderful experiences, but with a cruise, you just get so much more.

A multi-generational cruise lets you adventure in brand new places, almost daily. This allows the whole family to explore new sights and sounds – together. Grandparents can swim with dolphins or visit a coastal cave with their grandchildren. There will be plenty of time to carve out a special experience at each and every port. The possibilities are truly endless.

When you cruise, your port-of-call experiences are always unique. And nothing makes your nightly dinner table dazzle like tales of adventure and laughter. But don’t just take our word for it.

If you want to find out more about cruising. If you want to know what cruises are best for you. Or, if you want to book a cruise at wholesale, we can help. Visit us at VacationRewards.com.