Travel News Ticker: “Bleisure” … It’s a thing

According to our good friends over at Expedia, it seems that there are a good many Americans who are combining business travel with leisure, or Bleisure. Not quite a shocker, we suppose.

And now that Brangelina is a thing of the past, I guess you could call the newest iteration of this trendy naming convention a true, Must Do.

Why Bleisure is Significant

So what makes a business traveler seen as more Bleisurely (see what we did there)? Well, according to Luth Research for Expedia, the bleisure traveler is a real thing. At its most basic, the bleisurely visitor stays 3-6 nights (rater than 2 or less).

What’s more, 43 percent of business trips in the U.S. can now be categorized as such … It is also true that 70 percent of business travelers add at a few extra days every few months.

What’s important to bleisure travelers. Location, naturally.

Want to find out a bit more about bliesure travel? Then, check out this travel pulse update.

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