Mazatlan is Getting Hotter!

When things cool off in the Continental U.S., Mazatlan really heats up. Can you handle it?

Breathtaking and Diverse Mazatlan

Why Mazatlan

Mazatlán, the “Pearl of the Pacific,” boasts Mexico’s largest stretch of accessible beach – 12 miles worth– end to end. And it’s more than just beaches. Tourists can venture endlessly into surrounding ecological island preserves just beyond the coast.

Anyone who visits will tell you that Mazatlan is the uncontested hub for Mexico’s most diverse culture and environment.

Until you have taken it in for yourself, Mazatlan should be at the top of your list.

Lavish resorts, refrigerated pools, world-class scuba, hiking, shopping, and renowned wildlife exploration are just the beginning. In Mazatlan, you’ll find the world’s third largest Carnival behind Mardi Gras and Rio. And the high energy culture has attracted top chefs from across the globe, making it a true “foodie” destination.

The Best Way to Experience Mazatlán?

Something Sinful in Mazatlan

Resorts, Resorts, Resorts. Got it?

With so much to do and see, finding the right place to stay will help you fully realize your Mazatlán experience. That said, look no further than the magnificent resorts that dot the coastline. You’ll be blown away by the affordable prices that will get you into these high-end, oceanfront accommodations. Compared to the continental 48 coastal prices, you’ll have extra coin to lay out for decadent spa services and pay-to-play adventures from wave runners to zipline jungle excursions.

So, whether you choose to dive in mystical underground Mayan rivers, snorkel the dazzling Puerto Morelos reef, play a round of golf on a pristine coastal course, or charter a deep sea fishing boat to tangle with the area’s legendary black marlin – your journey back to the resort will always seem equally inviting.

Where You Should Stay

Please understand, our articles are not sponsored. We are just telling you what we know, what we’ve learned or at least what we think about something. So, when we tell you the best of Mazatlan comes to those who stay at El Cid Resorts – it’s because Must Do Travels is recommending them at our own behest. In other words, El Cid Resorts are the best choice in Mazatlan for too many reasons to name. That said, those all come together to paint a picture that has everything to do with value, quality and overall experience.

That said, there are still some decisions to make (there are more than just one El Cid in Mazatlan). And sure, we can help with that too:

El Cid Marina Beach

El Cid Mazatlan Resort Marina Beach
Surround yourself with the sea, white sands and deck yourself in style. This oasis is your perfect intimate escape. Finish your unique activities and thrilling excursions with incomparable cuisine and cocktails. At Marina Beach you’ll shop, dine and immerse in authentic Mexican culture. What’s more, this property is situated directly at the gateway to Mazatlán’s “old town” coastal harbor. It is the perfect destination for both romantic escapes. And if you have a growing family, you can bring them. This resort sure knows how to treat kids AND keep them out of your hair if you need some YOU time.

At El Cid El Moro Beach

Mazatlan El Cid Moro Beach Resort
Typically, the only complaint of Moro Beach guests is the result of trying to choose what to do next. So, if your goal is endless adventure, this is the place. Twenty-seven stories of high rise resort provide unspoiled views of the sparkling Pacific coast and nearby islands. This landmark Mazatlán Beach hotel has earned its reputation as excitement central. No need to list amenities because from their gold-key concierge service to spa, cuisine, and endless adventures – this place has it all, and then some.

Mazatlan is an amazing place. It continues to be safe and an ideal destination for soaking in some rays, exploring nature, and even playing hard whether its at sport or in the clubs.

Mazatlan is amazing year round, but it is particularly amazing when home is just a bit “too cold to be chill.” Oh, and if you need some help keeping your costs low, we are happy to help you WIN the travel game at