Algarve, Portugal is One of Europe’s Must Do Destinations

Algarve Portugal is easily one of Europe’s lesser-known Must Do Destinations. Its name dates back to the Arab rule of the peninsula from the early 700s, and means “the West”, since Algarve almost quite literally is situated in the Western-most part of the European continent. Algarve is located near the straights of Gibraltar which are the passage points to and from the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean. The port would have been a very popular stop for merchants, travelers, and navies during the Golden Age of Sail a few hundred years ago, and now it is slowly becoming a popular European beach destination. It would have been one of those proverbial “last stops” before rounding the coastline to either head inward to the Mediterranean, or Northward to the Baltic.

Today many tourists visit the region annually, but the Algarve still has not reached the household name that it might deserve to be. Some people could say that they prefer the more laid back and off the radar atmosphere that you can experience most of the time here. This place is so photogenic, and also not very commercialized when you compare it to so many other places that are full of resorts and strip malls. This has all the old town charm that you might be looking for if you want an outdoor, yet laid back vacation.

Place Of The World recently sent us a video of their trip to Algarve Portugal where they visited the cliff-strewn shores of Marinha Beach, and the walled fortress town of Lagos, Portugal. The surrounding area is rich with colonial-era architecture, and stunning landscapes to boot. A short trip inland will even reveal arid farmland and rolling hills.

What’s the weather like?

The climate in  Algarve is typically mild, with Summer highs reaching the mid 80’s (F), and the winter days typically hovering in the 60’s and 70’s for the most part. Being situated so far to the South, this part of Portugal enjoys a more tropic climate than some of the more Northern regions. The weather is one great reason to visit, but you be amiss if you skipped out on getting to know the locals a little while in town. The food, the pottery and glass wares, and the people are also great reasons to make this a place to visit on your next European vacation.

Baroque Church Portugal