Lock it in Before it’s Gone! Why Book Early

Everyday we hear of people missing out on great savings, bonus discounts and inclusions because they are hoping for a better deal. And with Christmas-New Year summer holidays just on the horizon, at Vacation Rewards we know that the earlybird catches the worm. Or the tour. Or the cruise. Or the perfect hotel. We always say, when you are offered a great deal, grab it while you can and lock it in before it’s gone!

The longer you wait the more likely someone else is going to get in there first. To keep you at the very top of the line, here are a few of our top reasons why you should book early for your next holiday:

Most Popular Destinations

It’s always a bit of a frustration when your favorite destination turns out to be everyone else’s too. The most popular tours and cruise cabins sell out quickly, as do the most popular resort rooms. With early booking comes the flexibility of choosing your preferred type of accommodation at your favorite destination for your specific dates.

Trying to grab a flight at peak times at short notice means the number of flights and seats decrease. They also have a tendency go up in price the closer you get to departure date. Primarily this is because the more popular flights (those with fewer layovers, cheaper seats and more direct routes) sell out first. That leaves the more expensive seats and less popular flights for the slow pokes.

Bonus Inclusions and Great Value

Offers for hotels, cruises and tours could save you more when booking early. The addition of bonus inclusions, discounts, onboard credit, included flights, upgrades, stopovers and more, can save you a bundle. When you see them, grab yourself a bargain.

Holiday Savings Plan

Saving for a holiday is just like a savings plan (and you get a holiday at the end of it). Simply book, pay the initial deposit and then take time to pay of the balance. This avoids a big hit lump sum payment if you are booking just before departure and gives you more time to save some spending money too.

How Exciting

A holiday starts from the moment you start planning. Once you have it all locked in place you have the time to picture yourself there. What you will do, where you will go, who you might meet, planning for excursions and building excitement all round. Each day brings your dream closer and closer. By booking early, you’ve got more time to plan your perfect trip.

Prior Preparation & Planning

Prior preparation & planning means a lot less stress. Planning ahead allows you to maximise your holiday, organise work and home life before you go (so you don’t come home to a million emails… this may still happen!), getting your passport up to date, your travel insurance organised, not to mention what your going to pack!

No Compromise

Unless you book early, finding exactly what you want, when you want, during peak times can be a matter of compromise. Christmas, New Year, School Holidays, long weekends, event and expo dates and more can all see you locked out of your preferred destination. Did you know that some people book a year or more ahead! Essentially, the earlier you book the better. That way YOU are the earlybird who catches the worm.

Family Travel

Family travel is ideal to relax and have fun together. However you are now competing for Kid’s Club placements with all the other families who want to travel. This will generally apply to any holiday that does not specialise in family travel (so make sure to ask your travel specialist). Hotels & resorts child-minding services may be timed, and there are usually very limited placements for kids on a cruise or tour. Book early, book fast and you’ll have first pick.

Let’s Get Married!

Popped the question? Have a destination in mind? The Maldives? Hawaii? Married by the captain onboard a luxury cruise? If ever there is a need to book early this is it! You need that flexibility that early booking will bring, along with greater availability and options for your wedding, vow renewal, family reunion, conference or important event. After all you have people, transport, venues, rooms and more to organise. Once everything is locked in, you can start sending invitations and letting everyone know. Special or specific holidays need that extra time. And the earlier the better.

With a little bit of research, a good chat to one of our Vacation Rewards travel solutions specialists you could be one of the first to take advantage of the many early booking offers available.

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