Top 8 Motivations That Make People Want to Travel The World – What’s Yours?

By Jacqueline Hamilton

Where do you want to go?
Or better yet, let me ask you, what do you really want out of a holiday?
What are your motivators?

Your real motivation for a holiday demands a thorough investigation. And where in the world will they take you? Read on to discover some of the most popular motivations for people to travel the world…

  1. Getting Away

Your daily regime is getting so routine, same old same old? Are you dreaming, thinking, living breathing for a chance to get away from it all. Go someplace and totally immerse yourself in a different culture, eat interesting foods, find your way around and do something out of the ordinary? In no time at all you can have a whole new life with new people, new places, new experiences. Travel is all an adventure – and you are the one living it!

  1. Learning Lessons for a Lifetime

They say that travel is the best teacher in the world. By experiencing the unfamiliar and challenging ourselves, we bombard our brains with geography, sociology, aesthetics, sociology, behavioural science, economics, and more. We enrich our bodies through experiences of faith and spirituality, new spices, tastes and cuisines, discoveries, adventures and getting well and truly lost (and found again!). Travel is all a learning opportunity, we grow so much through experience, and we remember the life lessons long after the journey has ended.

  1. An Apple’s an Apple, unless it’s a Pear.

That is to say, the world is different everywhere you go. And everyone in it is unique. Imagine living the life of a traditional Berber high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, feasting on truffles and other gourmet cuisine in Paris, meeting simple farmers making their own cheeses in Switzerland, trekking to the heights of Machu Picchu with local Peruvians, or simply sun-baking on a cruise to the Caribbean. You very soon realise when travelling, that there is no one specific way to live life. And no better way than to see it yourself, in person. The reward? The people you meet will give you a fresh outlook on life, innovative, interesting and often inspirational ideas. New friends from all walks of life with all manner of cultures, beliefs, customs, knowledge and expanding awareness… it’s a global phenomenon waiting to happen to you!

  1. Exploring the Inner You

Some travelers like to focus on their inner selves when they holiday. A spiritual healing in Tibet, exploring the mystical temples of Asia, visiting the Vatican, Lourdes or Jerusalem, spending time out in the wilderness, or being motivated to simply change the scenery and get away from the regular you (and your life). Time away gives you the space to slow down and smell the roses, to reconnect and reassess who you are, what you need and where you really want to be in life. With travel, there is a whole new set of dynamics impressing itself upon you, changing your mindset, giving you fresh perspectives, engaging you and your mind to think laterally and reflect on your life. Outer travels and inner discoveries could bring about a true appreciation of just how special you are! It’s one of the best ways to really learn about you – travelling to the “me, myself and I”, inside and out.

  1. Time Together Making Connections and Building Bridges

Spending time together, away from the pressures of daily life helps to remind everyone just why they care. Travelling together is a definite motivator to help explore a friendship, learn to love someone new, or re-focus attention and reconnect with existing partners and family. Travel can bring couples closer, harmonise and unite relatives, deepen friendships and create a bond between workmates. The challenges of trying to buy a rail ticket in a foreign language, watching a sunset then dancing the night away, exploring somewhere new, losing yourselves along the way, and building memories to be treasured for a lifetime is a sure fire way to build on a relationship and explore its hidden depths to the ‘nth degree. 

  1. To Escape the Wild and Woolly

Weather got you down, avoiding ex-partners, stressful jobs (workaholics take note!), recuperating, or just stepping out of the ordinary wild and woolly life that some of us live every day? It’s time to take a chill pill, kick back and relax into a holiday. Reboot your life and leave the phone at home, log out of your emails, stay away from social media and take time away from modernity… I know, I know it’s almost impossible, especially when a holiday is the perfect opportunity for taking selfies in exotic places!

Discover 365 can book a few days away, or a few weeks! Whatever you need to give you those entertaining distractions, relaxation & rejuvenations, to live day to day with new places to explore – for your new perspective on life give us a call today.

  1. Adventure Time – Just Jump

Being somewhere new is a thrilling adventure in itself, however the word “adventure” can change the whole story! It may be as simple as tasting extra-hot spicy Mexican food or gnawing on frogs legs in Paris or sipping snake soup in the back streets of Vietnam? The more daring might scuba with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef… or dive the deep blue to a fiery underwater volcano in Vanuatu… or skydiving, scaling rocks, climbing Mount Everest, exploring the extreme climates of the Amazon, Alaska or Antarctic, becoming totally one with the wilderness…

This motivation is about conquering new territory, challenging yourself, achieving success and returning home with powerful memories of accomplishment. 

  1. Fiesta’s, Festivals & Celebrations

This is a simple one, and a great reason to take a trip somewhere to discover the iconic events of the world. Dancing in the streets at the New Orleans’s Mardi Gras, celebrating Carnivàle in Rio, running with the bulls in Pamplona, carousing at Oktoberfest, the Glastonbury Festival, New Year’s Eve in Sydney, New York Fashion Week, the Iditarod, Cherry Blossoms… the list is endless. 

Plus there are the more personal family occasions that reconnect you with relatives and friends. A milestone birthday, reunions, the birth of a baby or an anniversary brings together those you love from far and wide, to a destination of choice for meaningful, fun shared experiences and lasting memories.

Do you need a reason to travel? Have you worked out what your motivation is? 

Inspired to travel?

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