Maddi Goes to New York

Ever wanted to go to New York? We sat down with Madelyn A, Travel Solution Specialist, on her recent return from New York City, USA and asked a few questions about the trip.

Where did you stay in NY?
My friend Tiffany and I booked a hotel on 8th Avenue and 44th Street – it was tourist central, smack bang in the middle of the Theatre District and just one city block to Times Square. The lights there were amazing! It really is a city that never sleeps. It didn’t matter when we went out something was open – donuts, coffee, a four course meal – anytime.

Is this your first time in NY?
Yes, neither of us had been before. I started by asking our travel consultants, because they have insider knowledge – and that was a great starting point to begin our holiday research about where to stay and what to see. Empire State and the Statue of Liberty, obviously, I wanted to visit the Guggenheim and the Met Museum’s, and Tiffany wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see the ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. Jen in our travel department suggested we take time out in Central Park, and check out the local art & craft markets for that real New York vibe – she was right!

What was your favorite experience?
Oh there were so many. We loved the shopping – Macy’s was having a sale – We LOVE Macy’s. Next time I go to New York, I will have an extra suitcase to bring back all my new clothes and shoes. Shop til we drop – that’s our new motto! LOL

Fifth Avenue was great for window shopping the expensive gear, it was full of designer shops and sparkly couture dresses. And the opposite end was all those flea markets Jen told me about – I picked up some gorgeous handmade jewelry and Tiffany grabbed a designer T-shirt to remember our trip.

I also loved seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Rockefeller Center, the Met was enormous and interesting, and we also went to the Natural History Museum – dinosaurs – you HAVE to go!

What was your worst experience?
Well nothing really. I guess the traffic was more than I was used to, but that was exciting in itself. All the yellow taxi’s everywhere! One piece of advice though – hold on tight. Drivers tend to turn corners and change lanes without much notice – and they stop really fast too. We also took the subway. It’s the fastest way to get around the city and easy to navigate. Definitely give it a go!

Did you miss out on anything?
We did. We missed Beaker Street, with all those lovely restaurants and eateries. The vibe down there would have been fab. [You mean Bleeker St?] O, no wonder we missed it – it’s Bleeker Street! Yes. I would have loved to have gone but we kinda stuck to the Times Square area at night. We did have some excellent New York Pizza, and hot dogs to die for, and some good American style meals – really yummy.

And, I know your going to be amazed, we didn’t have enough time to take in a Broadway Show. We had jam packed days of sightseeing this time… definitely on the cards for our next visit.

What did you miss most from home while you were there?
LOL – it was only one week! There was so much to see and do, there was hardly any time to miss home. Let me think… there was a point when we spent a few hours relaxing on a Sunday in Central Park. There we were, surrounded by all the skyscrapers of Manhattan, one of the busiest cities in the world and it felt exactly like we were in the great outdoors. You know – huge parklands, rolling fields, water fountains, really pretty, picturesque bridges, lakes, open air theatres and even a castle!! That was surprising. New Yorkers were out in their casual’s, relaxing, running, strolling along, walking their dogs, picnicking or just laying on the grass reading a book and taking in the sunshine. It was such a contrast to the city itself, and it reminded me of being at home. Nice.

Would you go again?
In a heartbeat YES! We are already planning to go again. This time it was coming into spring and there was still a nip in the air. I would love to see New York in the full summertime, or the beautiful colors of autumn… actually winter with all the lovely snow – a White Christmas would work too! [You do realize you have mentioned all of the seasons…] LOL yes I would go anytime, and hopefully soon.

What would you say to potential travelers to New York?
Go. Just go. New York has it all. Whatever you are looking for in a holiday you will find it in the big apple. New York, New York – the song – it’s one of my favorites now, and I’m spreading the news!

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