Travel Trends for 2020 

Whether by land, air, or sea, travel is more popular than ever and enjoying a surge of activity across all ages from 19 to 90. We have identified some of the new travel trends to look out for in 2020 – and hey, maybe one of them will be an ideal fit for you and your family, so let’s pack your bags and get going!

We all look for ways to fill their Facebook & Instagram feeds with inspiring travel pics and stories without breaking the bank. One of the most interesting trends that came out of last year (which we think will definitely carry over this year) is the duo-destination holiday.


The beauty of a duo-destination holiday is to give you a more varied travel experience. Choosing to spend half a holiday (more or less) in an iconic vibrant city with all the excitement and hype that it can offer, before getting in touch with real world, nature and the wild environment, a tropical isle, maybe on a jungle trek, a traditional cultural immersion or even a mountain hike.

We often see travellers saying “Aloha!” to the islands of Hawaii before making their way to enjoy the highlights, sights and big city lights of the Big Apple, New York. Alaska obviously goes hand in hand with Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer and Denali wilderness, just like Sydney’s exciting harbour scene is a must see – must do before setting sail on a cruise to the tropical islands of the South Pacific.

Then, we have the more exotic or “out there” destinations that you would think don’t go together, but you know they kinda do! Antarctica and the Galapagos – both unique locations ripe for discovery; the sunny Greek isles of the Mediterranean and the icy fjords of Norway – hot and cold, two in one – how fabulous; and of course, you have Africa’s magical wilderness combined with the white-sand islands of the Maldives or Seychelles, so different and a marvellous combo for a duo-destination holiday. What two destinations would you add together? The world is your oyster!

Real Rail Journeys

From the high-speed Bullet Train of Japan to the romance of the legendary Orient Express through Venice, Vienna, Budapest and Paris, the desert-scapes of central Australia on the Ghan or the clank of the Glacier Express climbing high into Switzerland’s snowy peaks – rail journeys offer an undeniably fascinating experience for a holiday.

We have also noticed that those who are more environmentally conscious have begun to opt for trains over planes where possible, as it lessens the carbon footprint and overall impact on the world. And the fact that excellent cuisines are combined with luxurious comfort and a relaxing, easy journey have made them more popular than ever.

Time Traveller

Time is of the essence in a world of a high-tech, fast paced work environment, and although people love to travel, where to go that offers a complete getaway from it all that also won’t break the budget?

We say start small – a taste-tester cruise for a few days offers a bite-sized portion of fun and relaxation. A long weekend to hit the high-life of a big city, the golden beaches of Surfers Paradise or romance of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain can all offer budget and time conscious, memorable experiences with your special someone, families and friends.

Travelling with Pets

A lot of travellers have fur babies and, like parents taking their kids on a holiday, there are more and more travellers who are looking for pet friendly hotels and resorts to relax and enjoy time with their furry friends. You and your little buddy are in for a treat as many travel destinations are adding pet-friendly activities and amenities to cater to both 2- and 4-legged guests. Speak to your travel specialist about fur-friendly holidays today.

Cruising for the Young & Young at Heart

Cruising’s allure appeals to all ages as readily viable holiday, offering multiple destinations, comfortable accommodation, food and activities – all for one inclusive price.

In fact, recent surveys^ show that up to 85 percent of the millennial generation will choose a cruise holiday – and cruise companies are continually adding tempting features to entice both the young, and the young at heart onboard.

Cruise ships have, in recent years, gone upmarket with modern, smart-ship technology, bigger and better all-singing, all-dancing entertainment, huge waterslides and adventure parks, Michelin-starred chefs with the latest culinary trends. From Royal Caribbean’s Bionic Bar with its robot bartender, Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel themed adventures for the geek fandom, to Norwegian Breakaway’s electric go-kart tracks and more. U by Uniworld has even gone a step further with a huge focus on the millennial cruiser with onboard features to appeal to solo travellers and itineraries designed around major music and arts festivals. Needless to say, it paints a colorful and exciting new future for cruising.

Total Immersion

Totally immersing yourself with the local culture or destination has become extremely popular of late, with travelers looking for more soul-stirring and meaningful holiday experience. It calls for a slower pace of travel to perhaps one location, where you become a part of a community, learn to appreciate the natural surroundings, to discover a faraway place that few have ever seen – think Antarctica, or the Alaska and the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Maldives and Bora Bora’s white sand beaches, and the roar of Africa’s wilderness is ready to be explored.

Sitting down with local peoples to learn and experience their way of life, from the Cambodian’s gentle charm and their majestic Angkor Wat temples, to a pilgrimage witnessing the marvels of Machu Picchu or India’s bustling marketplaces, though to Croatia’s or China’s traditional village life, or the hidden gems and remote regions to be found in Indonesia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea … there is a whole world ready and waiting.

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